Festivals (RF2)


[edit] Festivals

Festivals area good way to increase your friendship or love between a character. You can impress that girl/guy you like by winning contests or taking them on a date during certain festivals. Festivals make the game much more lively and give the players something new to experience every now and then. Simply talking to a character during a festival will help raise his/her friendship level. Festivals usually occur all over the village and at the Sainte-de-Coquille park. Each Season has at least 3 festivals.

[edit] Contests

Contests are held much like festivals. They often begin at the Sainte-de-Coquille Park, as Herman as the host. Once you've heard the rules, you can start. You can win prizes in contests, the if you are in First place, you get the best prize there is. The lower the score you have, the worse your prize will be.

[edit] Spring Festivals

  • New Year's Day - Spring 1

Celebrate the coming of the New Year.

  • Flower Festival - Spring 13

Watch the flowers from the Cherry Blossom Tree with that special someone.

  • Eating Contest - Spring 25

Eat as fast as you can, and impress the one you like.

[edit] Summer Festivals

  • 1st Day of Summer - Summer 1

The celebration of the first day of summer!

  • Monster Taming Contest - Summer 7

Who ever can tame a certain monster the fastest wins.

  • Dance Festival - Summer 19

Dance with that special someone.

  • Big Cook-off - Summer 25

See who can cook the best dish!

[edit] Fall Festivals

  • Adventure Contest - Fall 1

Race to see who'll find the item first!

  • Harvest Festival - Fall 13

A time to give thanks to the gifts from Mother Nature.

  • Monster Contest - Fall 25

Show off your monster!

[edit] Winter Festivals

  • Shooting Star Festival - Winter 7

Watch the stars with that special someone.

  • Mining Contest - Winter 19

May the best miner win.

  • New Year's Eve - Winter 30

Reflect on the past year and prepare for the next.

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