Festivals (RF)


[edit] Festivals

[edit] Spring

New Years Day - Spring 01
Everyone is out and about in the village, and you'll even find Godwin giving you new year wishes in the village plaza. That's about all that occurs on this day. On your first year in the game you'll start out after the 1st of Spring, so you won't be able to see this until the beginning of your second year.

Spring Festival - Spring 18
On this day you can gain big boosts in Love Points by giving the marriage candidates Cookies or Choco Cookies. You can buy the Chocolate from Emmett's shop, Spring Rabbit, for 600 G a piece and then you'll have to make Cookies yourself (with or withouth the Chocolate).

Bianca - Plaza
Felicity - In front of Godwin's house
Lara - Plaza
Mei - Beach
Melody - In front of the mansion
Mist - Beach, at the end of the dock
Rosetta - Near the benches by Godwin's house
Sharron - Kasimir Ruins
Tabatha - Plaza
Tori - In front of the Clinic

Nobody says you have to give just one present.

Egg Show - Spring 23
Collect an Egg from a captured Kokehoho and bring it to Godwin in the Plaza. If you win you'll receive 50,000 G. Second place is 30,000 G, and last place is only 5000 G.

If you're crafty, you can buy a Small Egg from Neuman's farm and enter it into the contest. Make sure you do this several days before Spring 23, as for some reason the game makes it rain right before the Egg Contest date. If it's raining then Neumann won't be in his shop.

You'll have better chances at winning if you bring a L. Egg.

Big Cook-Off - Spring 27

In the Plaza you'll find Jasper. He is there to tell you what recipe can be entered into the cooking contest. Once you get the dish for the festival, run back to your house and make it with your kitchen. Return the dish to the Plaza, but save your game before you turn it in. There is a random chance that you'll win, so if you aren't crowned the cooking champ just reload and submit the dish again.

Orange Juice - Buy Oranges from Neumann's Farm
Fried Potato
Hot Chocolate - Chocolate from the Bar
Pump. Pudding
Pike Sashimi
Baked Potato

[edit] Summer

Beaches Open - Summer 01
Everyone is outside of their houses on this day. There aren't any contests to partake in, but if you talk to everybody you'll raise their friend points. With the marriage candidates only Melody, Sharron, and Mei do not gain any LP when you talk to them on this festival.

Dairy Show - Summer 18
If you have a Buffamo, take a bottle of Milk and hand it over to Jasper. He will be in the Plaza waiting for you. Handing over a L. Milk pretty much guarantees that you win the contest. You will be rewarded with 50,000 G if you take 1st place, 30,000 G for 2nd, and only 5000 G for 3rd.

Treasure Hunt - Summer 26
Talk to Godwin in the Plaza and he will send you out to find a book called Sunset Road, an item he's hidden inside of Carmite Cave. The prizes you can select from will depend on how quickly you can find Sunset Road.

Before 20 minutes = 200,000 G and 2000 Lumber
20 - 50 minutes = 100,000 G or 1000 Lumber
50 - 80 minutes = 50,000 G or 500 Lumber
80 - 100 minutes = 10,000 G or 100 Lumber
100 or more = 1000 G or 10 Lumber
If it's your first time placing in the tournament then you can choose to receive an Empty Bottle instead of money or wood. You are only rewarded with one bottle. In following years you'll only be able to choose one of the other two prizes. If you do complete the search in less than 20 minutes you won't get the option to choose the bottle.

The nice thing about the book is its hidden in the same location every year! The book can be found on the 2nd floor of Carmite. From the staircase, run past the Save Spot and then follow the southern pathway until you reach a dead end with a machine that generates Ants. Investigate the rock at the end of the hall to pick up the book. You can then teleport out (or run if you must) back to Godwin and then give him the book. Be careful not to miss when handing him the Sunset Road or else you'll have to go back to Carmite for another copy.

[edit] Fall

Harvest Festival - Fall 07 Instead of having a large potluck like in previous Harvest Moon games, this time you are giving everyone crops that you've grown on your farm or inside of the caves. The gifts are big boosts to Friendship and Love Points, except of course for Bianca.

Good crops to choose are Cucumbers, Corn, Bamboo Sprouts, and Tomatos.

Moonlit Eve - Fall 17 If you have a girl with 4 Love Points or higher, talk to her in order to invite her to go out on a date with you. Between 6:00 pm and midnight meet her at the top of Mt. Clemens for a romantic conversation. Who you ask is as important as when you ask!

After 6:00 am - Lynette and Sharron
After 9:00 am - Bianca, Felicity, Lara, Mei, Rosetta, Tabatha, and Tori
After Noon - Mist
After 3:00 pm - Melody
Don't let the fact that you might be married stop you from going out on a date! Your wife won't even interfere with your evening stroll with another woman.

Wool Show - Fall 24
Bring a clipping of fur from a Woolly and give it to Godwin in the Plaza. You'll raise your Friendship if you are announced the winner.

Fishing Day - Fall 29
Fishing Day is a good festival to raise Mei's Love Points. If you have caught some fish, giving them to her will raise her Love Points. No one else in the village seems to have any interest in this fishy day. You can give Mei up to 10 fish, and each fish you hand over will increase her LP.

[edit] Winter

Winter Festival - Winter 06
If you have a girl at 5 or more Love Points, talking to her on this day might get you a piece of chocolate. Remember to keep available space in your Rucksack to receive their gift! If you are married you will receive your chocolate piece when you talk to your wife a second time after she gives you your daily meal.

Sacred Night - Winter 24
This requires a girl to have 7 or more Love Points.

New Years Eve - Winter 30
All of the villagers are out of their shops for you to talk about the upcoming year with. Once 6:00 pm comes around everyone heads back in and locks up for the night. You can't visit them in their homes and nothing else happens that evening.

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