Festivals (HM64)

There are different festivals in every season. They are a lot of fun and you can even win a lot of stuff! Here's a list of all of them.


[edit] Fall Festivals

Cow Festival Date: 4th Enter your best adult cow to be judged with other cows from surrounding areas. You don't have to bring a cow - you can just judge the entries. If you win the contest your cow will produce golden milk. This is worth 500G! Leave your cow outside if you win the festival. Something good will happen.
Harvest Festival Date: 12th This is a festival to celebrate the harvest. At some point Elli will give you a cake. If there's a coin inside then you are the new King for the year.
Egg Festival Date: 20th This is like a big easter egg hunt. Look around in the boxes for the same coloured egg as the mayor holds up. There are some great prises in it for you. Horse Race Date: 28th You can enter your horse into the race once it's old enough. There are three horse races in the day, so you can also bet on horses to get medals! With medals you can get prizes.

[edit] Spring Festivals

Planting Festival Date: 8th All the townsfolk release balloons into the air with seeds in them. Everyone hopes that the balloons will pop and sow many seeds. If you're the kind from last year's Harvest Festival you will get to go up in the hot air balloon. If not, someone might choose to bring you with them.
Flower Festival Date: 23rd Before this festival happens people vote on who will be the Goddess. You won't be able to dance with the Goddess unless the girl chosen is your wife. You might also be able to dance with her if she likes you a yellow or red heart and you're in your second year. There are lots of fun things to do here. You can buy seeds, dance, and just have a great time!
Horse Race Date: 17th You can enter your horse into the race once it's old enough. There are three horse races in the day, so you can also bet on horses to get medals! With medals you can get prizes.

[edit] Summer Festivals

Fireworks Date: 1st You can watch the fireworks with a specific girl of your choice. Just meet up with them in their locations (see the 'Girls' section). You can also watch the fireworks by yourself with your dog on your farm.
Vegetable Festival Date: 9th You can either bring a vegetable to be judged, or you can go empty handed and be a judge. If you're a judge you can't do anything though. Like with all festivals, just showing up is enough to make people like you more.
Firefly Festival Date: 17th This is a tradition of the local people. It involves sending a firefly light off to sea to guide the dead ansestors back to heaven. You can buy a moonlight lantern from Rick in his shop if you have given him moonlight stones the year before.
Swimming Festival Date: 24th Compete with other guys in the village in a swimming race! You can win a lot of interesting prizes.

[edit] Winter Festivals

Thanksgiving Date: 10th The young ladies from the farm might come by your farm and give you cakes. Just walk outside your hose and wait. Other people who are your friends might drop by with cakes as well.
Dog Race Date: 19th Does your pooch have what it takes? You can enter your dog, and also bet on other people's dogs for medals. Use the medals to buy prizes.
Starry Night Date: 24th A good idea would be to spend this night with your love interest. Ann, Elli, and Maria can be found at the church. Popuri can be found in the mountains and Karen can be found at the beach.
New Years Date: Last day of Winter It's the end of the year! Go spend it with that special someone. Most likely you'll end up watching the sunrise together. The next day (Spring 1st) is another festival in the town square. Get drunk and have fun!

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