Festivals (AWL)

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Note that some of the dates of the festivals are random!

Spring Festival:

Go to Romana's Villa on the 1st day of Spring to celebrate the New Year Festival, where Lumina will play the piano for a while. All the village will gather there to enjoy the festival and listen to the music.

Summer Festival:

Go to Gustafa's Hut in the day while he's there during summer to celebrate the Music Festival, where Gustafa will play music for all the villagers, it must be between the 1st of Summer to the 7th, it must be a Sunny day.

Fall Festival:

Go to the Blue Bar on Fall 5th after noon to celebrate the Harvest Festival. Celia, Marlin, Vesta, Ruby and Griffin will join you, bringing vegetables and Ruby will cook up some food for you.

Winter Festival:

Go to Gustafa's Hut in the night during winter to celebrate the Night Festival. Gustafa will once again play music for the village. It must be between the 5th and 10th of Winter from 7:00 pm and 11:00 pm.

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