Farming - Sunshine Islands

Harvest Moon is known for it's farming system. Sowing crops is pretty easy to do, but in Sunshine Islands, maintaining them can be a little tricky. It does pay off, as crops fetch a good price, and the crops you harvest are necessary for some cooked dishes. At the beginning of the game, Taro will walk you through a tutorial on how to farm. He'll supply you with a hoe, a watering can, and 2 bags of Turnip seeds. You can buy more seeds from Chen. However, some seeds need to be unlocked before you have the option to buy them.

[edit] Planting, Watering, and Harvesting

First, you need to till the areas you want to plant you crops in. A bag of seeds covers nine plots of soil. It's best to till a 3x3 plot. Once you've done that, stand in the center, and use the seeds. You now must water the crops to meet their water points requirements. However, you cannot step over crops that have sprouted, so you may need to give the seeds in the middle a little more water, depending on the crop. You should water your crops daily. Watering them twice speeds up growth, but it may not bear high quality crops, as each type of crop needs a certain amount of water points. When they have fully grown, press 'A' to pick up the crop.

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