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In Magical Melody, farming is probably the best source of income. Each season there are new crops available to be sold. They are bought from the "Spring Farm," which is a small farm by the Ocean Property down near the beach. You will recognize it by the fence and crops growing.

Some crops you can eat right off the vine. Others you can not eat unless you cook it in a dish or a meal. It's important to grow all kinds of crops so you have some for eating, and others for cooking.

Crops will only grow in the season that they are meant for. On the first day of the next season, they will wither and you must cut them in order to grow more crops!

Some crops grow back once you pick them, and others you can pick more than once. You should try to keep this in mind as you plan out which crops to grow to make the biggest profit!


[edit] How To Do It

Each packet of seeds will fill a 3x3 area of land. Till the soil in this pattern:


Each "x" is a square, meaning you hoe 3 squares in a row. 3 on the bottom, three in the middle, and three on the top without any spaces in between them. Stand on the very middle square, and spread the seeds. Now, all 9 squares should have seeds on them!

In order to keep your crops alive and growing, they must be watered every single day, once a day. If it is raining, however, you don't need to water them because the rain does it for you!

Once the crops are completely grown, you can harvest them.

[edit] Where?

Although you have your own farmland, you don't even need to plant the crops there! You can plant anything you want anywhere in the village. Even if you don't own the land, you can still plant trees or crops!

[edit] Soil

Crops will be more valuable depending on which soil you grow them in.

Poor soil: It looks very bumpy and has a yellow/white tint to it.
Good soil: It looks like a mix between orange/brown.
Rich soil: It's very brown and looks rich.

You can improve the quality of any soil (except the rich soil) by putting fertilizer on it. Like seeds, each pack of fertilizer will cover a 3x3 area of land. Each pack raises the quality by one. For instance, using fertilizer on poor soil will turn it into good soil. You will need two packs to turn poor soil into rich soil, and one pack to turn good soil into rich soil.

[edit] Where?

The maintain area is mostly poor soil, with pretty much no rich soil, and maybe a spot or two of good soil.

The Riverside Property, beside the Blue Sky Ranch has a great amount of Rich Soil. The closer you get to the river on that property, the more rich soil you will find. As you get farther from the river, you will fine that good soil is scattered around.

Good soil is found in various places around the village.

[edit] The Crops

[edit] Spring

The shipping prices are in order from Poor soil - Good soil - Rich soil.

What? Seed Price Type Grow Time Regrow? Edible? Shipping Price
Breadfruit 60G Normal 7 Days 2 Days No 105G / 150G / 300G
Cabbage 40G Normal 7 Days No Yes 119G / 170G / 340G
Green Herb 20G Herb 4 Days No Yes 100G / 100G / 100G
Moondrop Flower 20G Flower 5 Days No No 40G / 40G / 40G
Potato 30G Normal 6 Days No No 100G / 100G / 100G
Spring Seed Pouch 60G Grab Bag Varies Varies Varies Varies
Turnip 20G Normal 4 Days No Yes 63G / 90G / 180G

Strawberry seeds are also available in Spring, but they are only available after you have shipped 50 cabbages.

What? Seed Price Type Grow Time Regrow? Edible? Shipping Price
Strawberry 300G Normal 7 Days 2 Days Yes 140G / 200G / 400G

[edit] Summer

What? Seed Price Type Grow Time Regrow? Edible? Shipping Price
Cocoa 50G Normal 9 Days 4 Days No 112G / 160G / 320G
Corn 40G Normal 9 Days 2 Days No 105G / 150G / 300G
Onion 20G Normal 4 Days No No 63G / 90G / 180G
Pinkcat Flower 20G Flower 6 Days No' No 150G / 150G / 150G
Summer Seed Pouch 60G Grab Bag Varies Varies Varies Varies
Tomato 50G Normal 8 Days 4 Days Yes 150G / 150G / 150G

[edit] Fall

What? Seed Price Type Grow Time Regrow? Edible? Shipping Price
Bell Pepper 40G Normal 5 Days 3 Days Yes 49G / 70G / 140G
Carrot 40G Normal 5 Days 'No Yes 77G / 110G / 220G
Eggplant 40G Normal 6 Days 3 Days No 84G / 120G / 240G
Fall Seed Pouch 60G Grab Bag Varies Varies Varies Varies
Orange Herb 20G Herb 4 Days No Yes 130G / 130G / 130G
Pumpkin 70g Normal 8 Days No No 126G / 180G / 360G
Spinach 40G Normal 5 Days No No 91G / 130G / 260G
Yam 30G Normal 5 Days 3 Days No 80G / 80G / 80G

[edit] Trees

Besides crops, you can also plant trees. Trees need plenty of room to bear their crops, so makes sure you don't put them too close together! It's a good idea to plant trees with at least two spaces between each other, giving each tree its own 3x3 patch.

Trees can be planted any time, but they will only bear fruit during the seasons which they were meant for. Trees will not wilt during the other seasons, they will simply change color until the next time their season comes around.

[edit] Fruit

The grow time is how long it takes the tree to bear fruit in its season.

What? When? Seed Price Grow Time Shipping Price
Apple Fall 380G 7 Days 300G
Chestnut Fall 250G 20 Days 50G
Grape Fall 370G 7 Days 220G
Orange Summer 360G 6 Days 200G

[edit] Scenery

These trees actually let you run faster! The more trees in town, the faster you can run. There is a limit to how fast though.

What? Seed Price
Evergreen 200G
Mora 300G

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