Farming (IoH)

A screenshot from IoH. Just look at those crops!

Like most Harvest Moon games, the main way to make money in Island of Happiness is to farm. Farming is also necessary to bring more business to the island.

In IoH, when farming you use the touch screen to drag your character over to where they want to work in the field, to equip the tools, and then you can use either the touch screen or the control pad to use your tools on whatever patch of land that you would like to work on.

There are various crops that can be planted, raised, and sold. In the beginning of your IoH game, you are supplied with two bags of Turnip Seeds, and then another few during the tutorials. You are also given the tools that are required for farming: a hoe and a watering can. Start off by tilling a 3 x 3 square of land, then use the seeds, and finally fill up your watering can in the river by your farmland, and then water your crops. Make sure to water them every day (excluding rainy ones), so they grow nice and strong!

Beware though, farming takes up quite a bit of stamina and fatigue, and if you do too much, you might collapse whilst working! You don’t want that to happen! The best way to avoid this is to balance out the amount of farming you do, and to eat lots of food that restores stamina and fatigue.

Once fully grown, crops can be used as gifts, can be sold, can be used in cooking, or can just be eaten raw to restore your health. Crops can be grown in the first three seasons of the year; Chen’s store sells different bags of seeds for the different seasons, and grass can be grown year round. Make sure to pick the right season to plant the right type of crops!

Island of Happiness features a unique watering system. Each type of plant needs a certain amount of Sun Points and Water Points. Depending on the weather, your crops may grow into high quality items, or grow into items of fairly low quality! You have no control over how much Sun Points a crop will receive, unless you grow them in a greenhouse. but you do have control over the amount of Water Points it'll get! One sprinkle of water from your watering can is equivalent to one Water Point. It'll also get a few extra points, depending on the weather. The list of Water Points/Sun Points gained goes:

  • +3 Sun Points/+0 Water Points - Sunny Weather
  • +1 Sun Points/+0 Water Points - Clear Weather
  • +0 Sun Points/+0 Water Points - Cloudy Weather
  • +0 Sun Points/+1 Water Points - Drizzle Weather
  • +0 Sun Points/+2 Water Points - Rainy Weather
  • +0 Sun Points/+2 Water Points - Snowy Weather
  • +0 Sun Points/+3 Water Points - Hurricane Weather
  • +0 Sun Points/+3 Water Points - Blizzard Weather

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