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When starting out on your farm, the only thing you start off with on the farmland is one farm house, a horse stable, a shipping bin, and Takakura's house. If you want anything else, you have to call Gotz via telephone (Mineral Town's carpenter), and have him either build or destroy a building. When you first start your game, unfortunately, you have no lumber bin or stone bin, so all the lumber and stone you have will be stored in your rucksack. If, however, you don't want to store it in your rucksack anymore, you can have Gotz build lumber and stone bins.

[edit] Materials

There are four different materials that you can use to upgrade your house with. They are Grass, Wood, Stone, and Golden Lumber. Each is different, and they have their own prices.

  • Grass

Grass is the cheapest material, but it isn't very stable, in fact, buildings made with these almost always collapse in the rain, and sometimes even on average sunny days. Grass is easy to collect, you just need to use your Sickle on pasture grass. This material can also be bought from Rick, for about 20g each.

  • Wood

Wood is more expensive than Grass, but it is more reliable. Buildings built with wood last longer, and are able to last through both rain and sun, but when it comes to hurricanes and snow storms, it's no match. Wood can be gathered by using your Axe, and chopping up stumps. But you can also buy wood from Gotz for 50g each.

  • Stone

Stone is the most reliable material that you can use, and it is affordable. Stone is able to withstand rain, sun, and storms. It doesn't get destroyed easily so the chances of a house like this getting destroyed are very slim. You can either buy this material for 200g per piece, or you can get it for free by using your Hammer, and smashing rocks and large boulders.

  • Golden Lumber

Golden Lumber is the last material you can use to upgrade your house with. It can only be acquired from Thomas' Winter Request cut scene. Now, Golden Lumber is the most sturdy material, that can withstand any weather, but it is very expensive to build with. The only other way to acquire this material besides the cut scene is buying it from Gotz, for about 100,000g per piece.

[edit] Upgrades

These are the upgrades that you can get for your farm.

  • House Upgrade 1
  • House Upgrade 2
  • Toilet Room
  • Bath Room
  • Basement 1
  • Basement 2
  • Basement 3
  • Poultry Barn
  • Livestock Barn
  • Fodder Silo
  • Mushroom House
  • Maker House
  • Wood Bin
  • Stone Bin
  • Gold Bin
  • Vacation Villa
  • Duck Pond

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