Farm Tools

The possible farm tools for Rune Factory Frontier. All 'cheap' tools are given to you for free. The better the tool, the more it can do.

Name of the tool Tool type Skill level to make it Ingredients Skill Required to use it
Cheap Hammer Hammer None
Melody gives this to you
None 1
Iron Hammer Hammer 5 Cheap Hammer, Iron 10
Silver Hammer Hammer 25 Iron Hammer, Silver, Silver, Insect Hide 30
Golden Hammer Hammer 45 Silver Hammer, Gold, Gold, Sapphire, Wet Scale 50
The Hammer Hammer 65 Golden Hammer, Platinum, Platinum, Fireflower, Fair Hide, Little Crystal 80
Cheap Axe Axe None
You get this from Stella
None 1
Chopping Axe Axe 5 Cheap Axe, Iron 10
Lumber Axe Axe 25 Chopping Axe, Silver, Thin Stick, Sharp Talon 30
Mountain Axe Axe 45 Lumber Axe, Gold, Ruby, Glittering Edge, Thick Stick 50
Miracle Axe Axe 65 Mountain Axe, Platinum, Root, Noel Grass, Magic Talon, Little Crystal 80
Cheap Sickle Sickle None You get this from Erik None 1
Iron Sickle Sickle 5 Cheap Sickle, Iron 10
Steel Sickle Sickle 25 Iron Sickle, Silver, Knife Piece, Cheap Cloth 30
Super Sickle Sickle 45 Gold, Emerald, Insect Jaw, Quality Cloth 50
Legend Sickle Sickle 65 Super Sickle, Platinum, Wind Crystal, Iron-Leaf, Glitter Edge, Little Crystal 80
Cheap Can Watering Can None You get this from Mist None 1
Tin Can Watering Can 5 Cheap Can, Iron 10
Lion Can Watering Can 25 Tin Can, Silver, Copper, Insect Hide 30
Rainbow Can Watering Can 45 Lion Can, Gold, Aquamarine, Teardrop, Magic Powder 50
Joy Can Watering Can 65 Platinum, Water Crystal, 4-leaf Clover, Fair Hide, Little Crystal 80
Cheap Hoe Hoe None This is given to you by Mist None 1
Sturdy Hoe Hoe 5 Cheap Hoe, Iron 10
Seasoned Hoe Hoe 25 Sturdy Hoe, Silver, Iron, Sharp Talon 30
Shiny Hoe Hoe 45 Seasoned Hoe, Gold, Amethyst, Fairy Dust, Solid Point 50
Blessed Hoe Hoe 65 Shiny Hoe, Platinum, Earth Crystal, Cherry Grass, Magic Talon, Little Crystal 80
Cheap Pole Fishing Rod None
You can get this from Cinnamon
None 1
Starter Pole Fishing Rod 5 Cheap Pole, Iron 10
Average Pole Fishing Rod 25 Starter Pole, Silver, Thin Stick, Bamboo Shoot 30
Famous Pole Fishing Rod 45 Average Pole, Gold, Fish Fossil, Fairy Dust, Monster Hide 50
Sacred Pole Fishing Rod 65 Famous Pole, Platinum, Noel Grass, Thick Stick, Root, Little Crystal 80

[edit] Upgrading

Upon receiving the Handy Forge from Lute you can begin upgrading your farm tools.

Upgrading your tools gives them extended uses, affect more squares, and provide more efficient energy consumption.

The following are the improvements upon initial upgrades.

Tool Uses/Energy Charged Area
Watering Can 15 3
Hoe 3
Sickle 3

Just as in every Rune Factory game, upgrading your tools increases your skill level for Forging.

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