Farm (HMFoMT)

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Your farm is composed of various places.

Barn - If you have any cows or sheep they will stay in there. There are eight places for you to put the food. It can be upgraded to hold more cows/sheep

Chicken Coop - If you have a chicken then it will stay in here. There are four places to put the food and an incubator to place eggs.After you upgrade the coop in Gotz's shop you can have eight chickens.

Corn Mill - Conveniently located next to the chicken coop, you can throw a single unit of corn you have harvested into this and it will be converted into 30 units of chicken feed.

Dog House - This is where your dog will formally sleep, But he never sleeps there.He prefers your house or on the field

Field - You grow your crops here and your sheep and cows can graze here.

House - In here you will have you bed, your tool box, you tv and various other things.The house can be upgraded two times.First upgrade allows you to buy the initial shelves, refrigerators etc. The second allows you to buy the double bed the bath.

Mailbox - This is where you receive all of your letters.Can e upgraded to make it look cool

Shipping Bin - Drop items in front of it to ship them.You will get money when Zack coems at 5:00 PM

Stable - Ordinarily, your horse will prefer to be outside, but when the weather turns inclement, be sure to usher/ride him/her in here to preserve his/her happiness.

Tree - This will produce apples in the fall and has honey produced in it everyday.

Water Hole - Use it to fill your watering can.

Wood Bin - When you chop a piece of wood it will go into this bin. It is located between the stable and barn.

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