Fall Festivals - Sunshine Islands


[edit] Cow Festival

  • Fall 5
  • Meadow
  • 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

A cow-centered festival. On the previous day, Mirabelle will visit to ask if you would like to join. Remember, pregnant animals can't be entered! To win, your cow must be at 8 hearts or higher.

The prize for winning is 1000 Animal Degree Points, 700FP towards all the islanders that attended, and a Wonderful.

[edit] Harvest Festival

  • Fall 10
  • Meadow
  • 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

What would a harvest game be without a harvest festival? Similar to the Harvest Festival seen in Sunshine Islands' predecessors, in the Harvest Festival, the islanders get together and cook a big stew, each adding their own ingredient. It is advised that you enter an A-rank or S-rank edible item, since items of those ranks will earn you 1000FP towards all the islanders that attended. Give said item to Felicia during the hours of the festival. However, don't submit a poisonous mushroom! Doing so will lower your FP with everyone at the festival by 300.

[edit] Dog Festival

  • Fall 16
  • Meadow
  • 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Another minigame festival. Like the other animal festivals, Mirabelle will come to your house on the previous day and ask for you to join the festival. Obviously, you need a dog to enter. The winner is decided by how far they can throw the disc. The length your dog can go without getting tired depends on how many hearts it has, so try to get as many hearts with it as possible. To win, your dog must go beyond 55 meters. To place second, have him go between 35 meters and 55 meters;to place third, have him go between 21 meters and 35 meters.

The prize for winning the same as the Cow Festival's.

[edit] Fall Crop Festival

  • Fall 28
  • Meadow
  • 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Fall's version of the crop festivals. On the previous day, Felicia will visit your house in the morning to inform you of the contest and the yearly theme. If you forget the theme, you can check your calender. To win, your crop must be A-rank or S-rank. To ensure your victory, pick your crop the day of the festival! The yearly themes are:

  • Year 1: Eggplant
  • Year 2: Carrot
  • Year 3: Yam
  • Year 4: Spinach
  • Year 5: Bell Pepper
  • After Year 5, it goes back to Year 1's theme.

[edit] Pumpkin Festival

  • Fall 30
  • Your House

A festival specifically for children, and essentially the Harvest Moon universe's version of Halloween. In this festival, kids - Eliza, Charlie, Witchkins, and Popuri (given you have unlocked them)- drop by your house to ask for sweets. This occurs whenever you enter your house, so make sure you have sweets on hand! Suggested items to give are Chocolate and Gelatin. Doing so will raise 1000FP+ with them. Giving them anything besides those items will result in losing 800FP with them. Amusingly, if you don't give them anything, you won't lose any FP. After 2 kids have come by your house, Felicia will come, and will invite you to a party on Meadow Island. There, you will receive either Pumpkin Soup, Boiled Pumpkin, or Pumpkin Pudding, and 1000FP towards all the islanders that attended. The party ends at 6:00 PM.

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