Events (HM 3)

There are a lot of different things that happen throughout this game. I've tried to compile a list with all of them.


[edit] Partner Events

Garbage Disposal
If you have 50000G and a TV, your partner will tell you that she saw a garbage disposal for sale. It costs 49800G. If you buy this item it will appear in your kitchen in 3 days. It's really useful because you can even use it to make fertilizer.

Partner's Birthday
One day your partner will tell you that it's their birthday. Anything you give them on that day will count as a birthday present.

Setting a Goal
Your partner wants to set a goal. That way you'll have something to work towards. Your goal is to have at least three of each animal, and have shipped at least 300 items to the Farmer's Union.

Special Seeds
Hurricanes always occur during the summer. If you're lucky, your partner will tell you the next day that she/he found some seeds. They will appear in either your inventory or your tool shed.

[edit] Partner Events (playing as the boy)

Impossible Dream
One day your partner will seem depressed. Talk to her. She'll ask you if her dream of saving the farm is too much. Tell her 'Just a dream?'. She'll be happy and thank you for helping her believe that she can do it.

Letter from Dad
If you talk to your partner she may say '.... .... .... ....'. Talk to her again. She doesn't really say much, so talk to her again. Now you must talk to her one last time. She'll tell you that she got a letter from her dad. He told her to 'Live for her dreams'. She also reveals that she doesn't feel lonely when you're with her.

Photo Album
One day your partner will show you a photo album of hers. She says it once belonged to her father. Inside it is a picture of a lady who she thinks is her mother. She doesn't know for sure though, because her mother died when she was small. You can say some stuff to her now. Choose what you like, it doesn't really make a difference.

Power Outage
This occurs at 10 PM on Spring 28th, year 1. It will only happen when you're inside the house with your partner. She tells you that she's really scared and that she doesn't want you to leave her. After a few game hours have passed the power will come back on.

Your partner will ask you to meet her at the Cliff. She'll ask you if you want to stay on the farm with her forever. Say 'I don't know' and she will then tell you how much she loves you. She'll ask a couple more times if you want to live with her forever. Say yes and then you'll get married.

One morning your wife will tell you that she had a dream with a stork in it. She thinks it might be related to a baby. Continue to give her gifts and such, and she'll eventually announce that she's pregnant! She won't do any work from this point until the baby is born.

[edit] Partner Events (playing as the girl)

One day your partner will ask you to meet him at the cliff before midnight. When you go he'll ask you a few questions. First he'll ask if running the farm is your dream. Say yes. He'll then tell you that he had a dream once. Ask him what it was and he'll tell you that he forgot. Say 'Oh, you did?'. He'll then tell you that his dream was to restore his grandfather's farm, but now that he's done that he needs a new dream.

Dreams part 2
Sometime after the event at the cliff your parner will decide what his dream is. He'll ask you several questions. They all lead up to whether you want him to stay at the farm or not. If you tell him to 'Go live for his dreams' then he will leave the farm. I advise you not to choose that option. Otherwise the game will end.

Getting ill
One day you might wake up and find yourself to be sick. Your partner will take care of everything, and when he's finished he'll bring you a bowl of soup.

Injured partner
One day while you talk to your partner he may act a little differently. When you ask him what's wrong he'll tell you that he hurt his leg. He won't be able to work for 10 days after that.

One day your partner will ask you to meet him at the Cliff again. He then pops the question - will you marry him? If you say yes the game will end. If you say no it will continue.

Your partner might ask you one day if the goal you two set together is a little difficult. You can either agree or disagree, but he'll always ask you if you're only trying to revive the farm because of your grandfather. Say no. When he asks why say "I just want to". He'll laugh and be ready to start work the next day.

[edit] Random Events

Fixing the Lighthouse
Billy wants to fix the lighthouse. He'll ask you to help him, and when you agree he'll ask you to get him a certain amount of wood. When you have the total amount talk to him again. He'll be very happy and thank you.

Lucus' Chest
One day when you talk to Lucus he'll mention that he wants to build a big chest. He'll also tell you that he doesn't have enough wood, and that you'll get paid if you give him some. Go back to your farm, grab a piece of lumber, head over to Lucus, and give the wood to him. He'll thank you and pay you some money. The next time you visit his shop he'll have a kitchen cabinet for sale (5000G).

Lukia's sick mom
One day when you talk to Lukia he'll mention that his mother is ill. He will then ask you to get him a certain type of flower that the doctor suggested. He doesn't want the actual flower however, just the seeds. Make sure that once you get them you have them in your inventory, because Lukia will ask for them when you talk to him again.

Marla the Mermaid
After you get the boat you will begin to find little bottles with messages in them. They can be found on the shore by the village. You must answer the questions correctly. The third bottle you find will be an invitation for you to come and see her. She will also give you directions. It would be a good idea to visit her - she ends up giving you a Powerberry. The directions to the mermaid are: Up, Left, Left, Up, Up, Up, Right.

[edit] Scheduled Events

??? Egg
This event happens in your second year after you've caught the King of Lake. Go back to the grasslands, and then go back to where you caught the King. There should be an egg there. Take it home with you and keep it in your inventory. After 30 days the egg will hatch. The creature that hatched from it is named Pak. You can use him like an item, and he tells you what your animals are thinking!

Boxing Week
Boxing week starts on Winter 24th and goes until the end of the year. Everything during this time is half-priced at the shopping mall.

You'll get a note on the 20th of Summer from Kate. It's an invitation for you to watch the fireworks with her. Meet her at the cliff at 8 PM.

Friday the 13th
Eventually it'll be the 13th of the month. If the 13th happens to land on a Friday, then be prepared! Your farmer will sleep in until noon. All your animals will be unhappy. You won't be able to catch any fish, and all the stores will be closed. Everything will be normal the next day. Well, not everything. Your animals will stay mad at you. Don't worry, they'll get over it eventually.

King of the Lake
You must be on your second year in order to do this. On the 1st of Spring go talk to Cozy, the owner of the aquarium. He'll tell you about a rare fish that he's heard of. It's called the King of the lake. He requests that you catch it for him, and that you bring it to him before 6 PM the next day. Now go back to the island. Head into the forest and walk around a little bit. Continue walking around until you find the area with water. It may take a couple of tries, but you'll eventually catch the King. Take it back to Cozy and he'll thank you.

Lyla's Scarf
One day in Fall Lyla will ask you for some yarn. She wants to knit something for Billy in repayment for his kindness. You need to bring her some yarn before the season is over.

Meteor Shower
When it's the 7th of winter go to the cliff at 11 PM to watch a meteor shower. This only happens on even numbered years. This means that you can only watch the metors on year 2, year 4, etc.

Missing Cat
This only happens if you have chosen a cat as your pet. Sometime during your first year, the cat will be stolen! You need to go talk to people and find out who took it. You may not find out who did it, but the cat will always be returned the next day.

Morning Fair
You can't participate in this event unless you have a boat. Once you do go to the mainland on Saturdays and Tuesdays from 6 AM - 9 PM. Come before 8 AM and Joe will let you have a stall. People will come up to your booth and ask for very specific things. Ie: 'M Milk', 'Golden egg'. I actually had someone ask me for a weed once. Be prepared and bring at least one of every item you can think of.

Red Lake
This happens on the 24th of Fall. Talk to the Elder at around 9 AM. He'll tell you to go to the lake in the forest. It will stay this way until 12 PM. Go back to the Elder and he'll tell you the story of why the lake turns red. Later on go talk to Kirk. He tells you that he knows the story and asks if you'd like to hear it. After hearing the story from him go talk to Marla (the mermaid) about it.

Solar Eclipse
These happen on the first Monday of every Summer on even numbered years. Everything will go dark as if it were night. In a couple of hours the darkness will go away and everything will be back to normal.

Volcano Eruption
The volcano will errupt on the 9th of Spring, year 2. You'll wake up and your partner tells you that the volcano has errupted. Some of your crops will have been destroyed. There will also be rocks all over your field. This is also your chance to see a harvest sprite! The mountain will have been transformed. There's a new path, and if you follow it you'll find the sprite. He'll give you a Powerberry. You'll also find 'the glacier that never melts'. You can bring it to Lucus and he'll turn your toolshed into a fridge.

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