Endings (StH)


[edit] The Nine Endings

There are nine different endings in this game. After you complete one you can start a new game with all your old stuff. You can continue doing this until you get all nine endings. If you need help with the ending you're currently attempting, go talk to the Goddess. She'll give you hints on who to talk to next, or what to do.

[edit] Cake Contest

Your character's grandma used to make the best cakes in four countries. Katie wants the recipes so she can make the cakes as well. Apparently, she needs your help. Wow.

[edit] Rare Fish

Joe will tell you about a rare fish that is swimming deep in the lake. Once you are friends with Joe, he will give you an old fishing rod. You must learn more about this rare fish. And yes, since nobody else wants to, you have to catch it.

[edit] The Azure Swallowtail

In this ending you must find a rare butterfly to save the village. If it is found, they won't be able to destroy the village because the butterfly resides there. In order to find the butterfly, you need to find a blue flower.

[edit] The Bluebird

At night Louis feeds birds and plays his flute by the lake. He once saw a rare bluebird and Woody says that the species is extinct! But if the bird really does exist then the village will be saved, because they can't tear down a rare animal's habitat.

[edit] The Endagered Weasel

The Harvest Sprites Nik, Nak, and Flak are being harassed by something. You have to be friends with Gwen to do this. Good luck with that.

[edit] Goddess Dress

Gina wants to surprise Dia with a dress for a festival. You have to help Gina find the thread to sew the dress. Well, what do ya know!

[edit] The Horse Race

Bob and Gwen think that they have the best horses. You have to get a horse and train it so that you can ride in the race and beat them!

[edit] Treasure Hunt (Part 1)

Tim finds a treasure map. He is very excited, seeing as he's always wanted to be a treasure hunter. You have to become friends with him and his brother Bob to do this ending.

[edit] Mystery of the Sacred Land

Just like the last one, Tim finds a treasure map. It leads to a land somewhere in Prairia Forest, and if you don't know where it is, Prairia Forest is where Dia's home: Clove Villa located. Befriends nicely with Dia and she'll help you to look where is that so-called Sacred Lands. You'll find some mysterious land to plant on, and all you have to do is...follow the clues! This is the best ending since everybody shows up in the end...although they forgot Tim to show at the end, I think...

[edit] The Bad Ending

If you fail to complete any of the above stories, the town will be turned into an amusement park. As the Harvest Sprites and the Harvest Goddess wonder about what they'll do now that their home is being destroyed, the farmer will look out at the sea, then fall to one knee in guilt and sadness. You will still get to start the game over with all of your stuff, just if you had succeeded.

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