Eligible Brides (RF2)

In Rune Factory 2, there are not as many potential brides as there were in Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.

[edit] Bachelorettes


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  • Mana: Mana is the main character and the girl that you're 'supposed' to marry, although you can really marry anyone. She is portrayed as sweet and childlike, but seems to bring bad luck wherever she goes.

Her birthday is Summer 9th and her special birthday gift is Grilled Yam and Baked Sweet Potato, Mana loves Pink Turnip.


  • Alicia: Alicia is a fortune teller who is very sure of her predictions. She often claims to have foreseen random things. However, she is able to predict the next day's weather, which is very useful. The most adult-like bachelorette.

Her birthday is Summer 28th. Her favourite items are Strawberries and Diamonds.


  • Cecilia: Cecilia, the little half-elf from Rune Factory, is returning as a bachelorette for the sequel. She is a maid for Bianca's cousin, Rosalind, to pay for her studies. She is probably the second most obvious bachelorette in the game.

Cecelia's birthday is Summer 12th. Her favourite items are Rubies, Diamonds and Saphires. And many other gems and jewels.


  • Rosalind: Rosalind is Bianca de-la-Coquille's cousin, and this game's resident rich girl. She's supposed to be shallow and self-centered, but it has been stated that she has more depth to her. She is supposed to be a prodigy.

Her birthday is Autumn 27th and her birthday gift is Hot Milk. Her favourite items are 4-Leaf Clover, Baked/Sweet Potato.


  • Yue: Yue is a foreigner who came to Alvanna to sell things. She is curious, adventurous and a bit of a dreamer.

Yue's birthday is Spring 9th and she would love to get a Cabbage Cake on her birthday, Yue loves Daikon Radish any day.


  • Dorothy: Dorothy works at the hospital in order to become a nurse someday, but suffers from extreme shyness. Normally, she talks through her stuffed animal, Fern.

Her birthday is Winter 2nd and hewr birthday gift is Strawberry Jam. Her favourite item is Char.


  • Julia: Julia is the bathhouse girl. Her personality is similar to Melody's; she is energetic, kind, and happy. She is the town 'idol' and likes to make people happy, but also has a deep secret.

Julia's birthday is Spring 16th, her birthday item is . Her favourite items are Carrots, Moodrop Flowers and Toyherbs. Tkaing baths at the bathhouse also help to raise her LP.

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