Dungeons (RF3)

A common element in the Rune Factory games, dungeons are areas filled with monsters, fields for planting crops, and large rocks for mining. The four dungeons near Sharance represent the four seasons, each locked in one perpetual season, while the final dungeon, Dragon Cave, has no set season. Each dungeon has its own set of mineable items, monsters, and a selection of fish, all specified on the sign near the entrance.

To advance the story, you need to defeat the boss of each dungeon. Doing so will give you access to and orb that restores some of your memories.

The four seasonal dungeons have a specified area for dating and proposing. Even though the instruction booklet says that you'll need to overcome the dungeon to find these areas, all of them are located near the dungeon's entrance.

[edit] Seasonal Dungeons

[edit] Other Dungeons=

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