Dungeons are the places where you battle and make friendship with monsters, and defeat bosses to make it through the storylines in Rune Factory 1, Rune Factory 2 and Rune Factory Frontier.

Dungeons in Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon:

The dungeons in Rune Factory 1 are various different caves that you must acquire passes from the mayor to enter.

Carmite Cave: Season - Spring. Boss - Greater Demon.

Clemens Cave: Season - Summer. Boss - Rafreshia.

Toros Cave: Season - Fall. Boss - Chimera.

Mt. Gigant: Season - Summer. Boss - Grimoa.

Misty Bloom: Season - Fall. Boss - Siren.

Kasimir Ruins: Season - Spring. Boss - Golum.

Danann: Season - Fall. Boss - Battle Tank.

Greed: Season - Summer. Boss - Unknown.

Dungeons in Rune Factory 2:

The dungeons in Rune Factory 2 consist of 4 landmarks that branch off from the main village.

Triest Forest: Season - Spring

Blessia Island: Season - Summer

Messhina Valley: Season - Fall

Padova Mountains: Season - Winter

Dungeons in Rune Factory Frontier:

The dungeons in Rune Factory Frontier are various different locations that you can unlock by triggering certain events in order.

Whale Island: Season - All seasons. Can be triggered by watering the sprout in front of the clock tower.

Green Ruins: Season - Spring. Can be triggered but cutting the weeds in front of Mist's house with the sickle.

Lava Ruins: Season - Summer. Can be triggered by putting a tree runey in the small tree in front of the ruins on the way to Lake Poli after defeating the Giant Clucky in the Green Ruins.

Snow Ruins: Season - Fall. Can be triggered by using the relic you acquired from the Giant Fire Slime and placing in the stone tablet in front of the Rune Archives.

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