Douglas' Quests (RF2)


[edit] First Generation Quests

[edit] First Quest

In this quest, Douglas wants you to find a Bull Horn in Trieste Forest - Spring Clearing. Tanya's got her eye on one, and he'll give you 100G as a reward. After you find it on the floor of the Spring Clearing, bring it to him. He says he starting to like you, and gives you your 100G.

[edit] Second Quest

Douglas wants you to deliver a letter to Mana. They got in a fight, and he wants you to do it. The reward for this quest is 100 logs.

[edit] Third Quest

Mana's starting to "like" someone, and Douglas wants to talk this out with you. Your options are:

  • Ray?

Douglas doesn't think so.

  • Jake?

He isn't her type.

  • Barrett?

Mana isn't the kind of girl that likes the "bad boy" type.

  • Max?

Mana doesn't go after people with money. After you've gone through all the options, that only leaves you! You apologize, and he says he'll never let you have Mana. He feels better after talking, and that the best way to handle something is to talk about it. You nervously agree. He gives you a very important item: An Empty Bottle.

[edit] Fourth Quest

This quest can be viewed here.

[edit] Second Generation Quests

[edit] First Quest

Douglas needs you to deliver something for him. The item he needs delivered is a rare flower, an Emery Flower. The recipient of the delivery is Ray. Once you give it to Ray, return to Douglas for your reward of Missing Page No. 2 of the Medication Spellbook.

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