BirthdayFall 7
FamilyHis dog; John. Neice Gwen.
ResidencePerch Inn
Game AppearancesSpring Horse Race

[edit] Description

Doug is a character in the game Harvest Moon: Magical Melody. He is first met in the Spring Horse Races and then later moves into Perch Inn, on Summer 1st. The Perch Inn is a returant type shop that he owns and when you go to visit, you'll often be greeted by his dog, John. He is often found at the counter during business hours from 9:00 am to mignight.

Favourite Gifts: Corn, Fertilised Green Pepper, Fertilised Carrot.

Likes: Cheese, Butter, Milk.

Dislikes: Iron Ore.

Doug moves into the town after you meet him at the Spring Horse Festival. He is usually found in his shop near the counter and his neice Gwen (who moves in later on), is seen in the kitchen.

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