Dorothy's Quests (RF2)


[edit] First Generation Quests

[edit] First Quest

In this quest, Dorothy has lost her Amulet, and asks you to find it... Truth be told, Dorothy is too shy to explain where to find it! Once she tells you about it, she runs of. You decide to look for it, but where do you begin? She hasn't told you anything about it's possible location. Luckily, Rosalind comes by, and offers you some valuable information. She says she saw Dorothy hanging out at the dock. You go to the dock, and sure enough, you find it. While searching, Rosalind asks you about the spring ephemeral, and says that she's never seen one in Alvarna. You head back to Dorothy, and give her the Amulet. She gives you 100G as an reward.

[edit] Second Quest

Like the previous one, Dorothy has lost something important: Her Ruby Brooch. It's lost in the Trieste Forest. When you find it, bring it back to her, and she'll reward you with Sweetie Potato. She and her doll, Fern, thank you for finding it.

[edit] Third Quest

In this quest, Dorothy wants you to find her a Wooly Furball. She thinks her doll, Fern, has a fever, and believes a Wolly Furball will cure her. When she tells you this, you offer a logical explanation as to why Fern's sick, but she doesn't want to hear a diagnosis like that! She says that you can find Wooly Monsters in Trieste Forest at night. When you defeat a Wooly, pick up the Wooly Furball it drops, and give it to Dorothy. Dorothy thanks you, and is glad that Fern can get better. Fern thanks you, too! Your reward is a Greenifier and 100 pieces of wood.

[edit] Fourth Quest

In this quest, all you have to do is talk to Dorothy. When you reach her, she says Fern wants to talk to you! You're a bit confused, but Dorothy says she'll tell you what Fern says. Fern wants to ask you a question: "What do you think is the principal that guides your actions?" You'll be presented with two options.

  • To help everyone as much as I can.

Fern thinks it a great way to live by, and wants you to stay friends with Dorothy. Your reward is a bag of Toyherb seeds.

  • To take care of myself first.

[edit] Fifth Quest

This quest starts with Dorothy asking you to "T-T-Tackle a w-weak with me…?" You're confused, so Fern talks for Dorothy. Fern says that Dorothy wants to take a walk with you. Dorothy will be waiting at the front of the church the next day. When you talk to her at the church, Fern talks for Dorothy again. Fern says that Dorothy wants to become a nurse, but her shyness makes it hard for her to talk to others. She's very qualified, but the one thing she lacks is the most important skill of all: The ability to communicate with others. Fern thinks that you can help Dorothy come out of her shy shell. You'll do everything you can to help her, and Dorothy thanks you. After apologizing for taking up your time, she runs off. The only way Dorothy can talk to people comfortably is through Fern.

[edit] Sixth Quest

As you know, Dorothy wants to be a nurse. You think it's an amazing goal, but this just embarrasses her. Dorothy gets Fern, but you say that this won't help her learn to talk with others. You practice the interview of the nursing exam without Fern, while acting as the interviewer. Your options are:

  • Let's start with an introduction. (Right answer)
Dorothy introduces herself. That was easy!
  • Let's start with your self-analysis. (Wrong answer)
This confuses her! It's a hard question to answer.

Next your options are:

  • What do you like? (Right answer)
She likes Cymbidium orchids. She tells lots of information on them, and you comment on her knowledge of flowers.
  • What don't you like? (Wrong answer)
This one's hard for her to answer, too!

Next your options are:

  • Will you lend me that doll for a moment? (Wrong answer)
She doesn't say anything. You tell her to forget it.
  • What's the name of your doll? (Right answer)
Fern is her name. You ask her if she chose the name, and say that it's a good, rare name.

Nest your options are:

  • What's the best way to maintain beauty? (Wrong answer)
She doesn't know the answer to this one. It's not related to nursing, anyways.
  • What's the best way to maintain health? (Right answer)
She says to wake up early, and go to sleep early. She tells you not to work to hard, too.

Next your option are:

  • Do you have lots of friends? (Wrong answer)
No reply for this one!
  • Do you have a very close friend? (Right answer)
She says the name of your character! You're happy to hear that, but she becomes quiet again.

If you choose the right answers: She thanks you for interviewing her, and she says she's found a little confidence! You assure her that she'll ace the interview, and that there more she talks to people, the more confident she'll get.

If you choose the wrong answers: She's lost all her confidence! You aren't that good at asking questions.

[edit] Seventh Quest

Dorothy's worried about Cammy. Cammy always wanders off, and Dorothy thinks she goes to the forest. The forest is a dangerous place filled with monsters, but Cammy never listens to her when she says that. She asks you to talk to her. You talk to Cammy, and say you've heard she goes into the forest. She goes there from time to time, but it's just for fun. You tell her that it's too dangerous, and that Dorothy was worried. She says she's a fast runner, and that if she sees a monster, she'll just run away! Again, you tell her that it's dangerous, and that even though she can run fast, the monsters might get her. She understands, and says that she'll never go into the forest alone. She also says that when she feels like going in there, she'll ask you to come with her. You'd prefer it if she just stopped going there, but she also asks you if you'll rescue her if she gets hurt. You'll do your best, but you still think it'd be better if she stayed away from danger. She understands.

When you talk to Dorothy, she thanks you, and she rewards you with Glazed Yam.

[edit] Eighth Quest

Dorothy has baked some chocolate cookies, and asks you if you would eat them. You've noticed Dorothy doesn't have as much trouble talking as she did before, and that she isn't using Fern. She's been gaining more confidence! You thank her for the cookies. After you eat one, your options are:

  • These are really good!
She's really glad you like them. You compliment her baking talent, but she thinks she just got lucky with the taste. You want to eat more, and she decides to make more for you soon. She wants to make some for you everyday, but that's way too much! She'll just make some for you the next time you two meet. You decide to eat another cookie, but Cammy comes in, and eats most of them. She takes the last cookie to Roy. You compliment her again, and she says she'll make more.
  • These are awful!
Dorothy apologizes. The cookies don't taste like chocolate at all! You ask her what she put in them. Apparently, she put in things like Lamp Grass, Scorpion Pinch, Tuna, Carrots, Onions, and Pineapple! You ask her why she put those things in the cookies, and she said it was part of the recipe. She shows you the cook book she used, and the recipe looks like it was written by a child. Cammy comes, and you ask her if she changed the recipe. She was bored, and decided to make it "more fun". Cammy was surprised Dorothy actually made the recipe! She apologizes and quickly leaves. Dorothy says she can be cruel at times, but you defend Cammy, and say that she didn't expect anyone to follow the recipe. She promises to make more cookies for you next time, and apologizes again.

[edit] Ninth Quest

Fern isn't talking to Dorothy anymore, and she thinks she's done something wrong. Dorothy makes Fern talk, so you think she's just gotten used to talking without her. You tell her that you think it's because she's learned how to talk with her other friends. Fern's always been good friends with Dorothy, and she stopped talking because she's glad somebody else became good friends with Dorothy. Although she's stopped talking, she'll always be Dorothy's friend. Dorothy thanks Fern, and thanks you, for helping her gain confidence. She's made lots of progress with talking to people.

[edit] Tenth Quest

Dorothy wants you to take her on another date. She thanks you, but you think there's no need to thank you. Her heart is racing just from thinking of the date! You decide the two of you should meet tomorrow. Dorothy suggests meeting at Alvarna - Port. She'll be at the port the next day. She's pleased that you came, and you're surprised she came so early. She just wants to talk to you while looking at the ocean. She wants to ask you lots of questions, and it's a good way to get to know each other. She asks you if there's anyone you're fond of. Your options are:

  • Mana
  • Dorothy
  • Julia

[edit] Second Generation Quests

[edit] First Quest

Dorothy needs you to deliver Vegetable Juice to Julia. Once you do that, return to Dorothy. She'll reward you with 400G.

[edit] Second Quest

Dorothy needs 5 Medicinal Herbs. You can use any Medicinal Herbs you find for this quest. Once you have 5, give them to Dorothy, and she'll reward you with Vital Gummi.

[edit] Third Quest

Dorothy needs you to deliver Cold Medicine to Yue. Once you do that, return to Dorothy. She'll reward you with Back Scratcher.

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