Crops and Planting (StH)

You can plant crops all year except for winter. In this game there are only four different types of crops. You can buy all the seeds at Lyla's Flower Shop. Planting seeds is a little different than in the other Harvest Moon games. When you buy seeds and plant them, they only take up one square. You have 64 squares in your field for crops. Crops are in eight rows of eight.

Make sure to never plant seeds on a rainy day. The seeds will just be washed away and you'll have wasted your money.

Bread Fruit:

  • Buy for: 40G
  • Sell for: 100G
  • Crop Type: Renewable
  • Days to Grow: 10 (5 to regrow)
A screenshot of farming.


  • Buy for: 30G
  • Sell for: 120G
  • Crop Type: Renewable
  • Days to Grow: 11 (4 to regrow)


  • Buy for: 20G
  • Sell for: 60G
  • Crop Type: Single Growth
  • Days to Grow: 6


  • Buy for: 30G
  • Sell for: 80G
  • Crop Type: Renewable
  • Days to Grow: 9 (3 to regrow)

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