Crops and Planting (MFoMT)

For the first couple of years crops will be the main source of money. You buy seeds from the supermarket. You will get a bag of seeds and each bag contains a 3x3 area of crops. There are a total of 15 crops that can only be planted in specific seasons. They each take a different length of time to grow and will re-grow after a certain time.

Not all crops sell for the same amount of money, and not all crops regrow. To plant crops, you need a bag of seeds, your hoe, and your watering can [filled with water]. Go to your field and till a 3x3 square [note that not all people till like this, experiment to find different, effective ways!] and then go to the center, equip the seeds and 'use them' to plant them, and finally water each small square of tilled soil. Water your crops every day except on rainy days, otherwise they'll take longer to grow!

A screenshot of farming in Summer.

[edit] Spring Crops

Turnip ~ Spring ~ 4 days
Potato ~ Spring ~ 7 days
Cucumber ~ Spring ~ 9 days
Cabbage ~ Spring ~ 14 days
Strawberry ~ Spring ~ 8 days

[edit] Summer Crops

Tomato ~ Summer~ 9 days
Onions ~ Summer ~ 7 days
Corn ~ Summer ~ 14 days
Pineapple ~ Summer ~ 20 days
Pumpkin ~ Summer ~ 14 days

[edit] Fall Crops

Carrot ~ Fall ~ 7 days
Sweet Potato ~ Fall ~ 5 days
Eggplant ~ Fall ~ 9 days
Green Peppers ~ Fall ~ 7 days
Spinach ~ Fall ~ 5 days

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