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Crops are divided to Spring, Summer, and Fall crops. Easiest way to make money from crops is to build a hothouse and plant pineapples. Once grown, you can sell them each for 500 and there’ll be a new harvest every ten days,


if u want to maximize your hothouse use this pattern

1st row - O--O--O--X--O--O--O,

2nd row- O--X--O--O--O--X--O,

3rd row - O--O--O--X--O--O--O,

4th row - O--X--O--O--O--X--O,

5th row - O--O--O--X--O--O--O,

6th row - O--X--O--O--O--X--O,

7th row - O--O--O--O--O--O--O,

plant on the O(s)

walk on the X(s)

this way u get 40 Pineapples = 20,000 Gold every 10 days,

(u don't even need to upgrade your watering can for this)

Spring: Cabbage, Potato, Turnip, Strawberry, Cucumber

Summer: Corn, Onion, Tomato, Pumpkin, Pineapple

Fall: Carrot, Eggplant, Green Pepper, Sweet Potato, Spinach

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