Crops, Trees and Hybrid (AWL)

[edit] Crops

Growing crops is a good way of making money. You will need to buy seeds from Vesta’s farm before you can do anything else.

The prices:

Tomato 30G Spring to Fall
Watermelon 60G Spring to Summer
Melon 50G Summer to Fall
Strawberry 30G Fall to Spring
Turnip 20G Summer to Winter
Potato 40G Winter to Spring
Carrot 30G Fall to Winter
Sweet Potato 40G Fall Only

Once you have bought your crops, use a hoe to make the ground plant able. Then, go to the menu a select a crop to plant. Once planted, water them twice a day (when the ground looks dry) Make sure that they are in a chequered pattern though otherwise they will not grow very well. (Make sure they are planted and picked in the right season)
Chequered pattern:


X = Crop
O = Empty

When they have grown, pick them off the tree to sell to van. If you would like the grade of the crop to go up to S. Use fertiliser bought from van. Although, I wouldn't recomend this unless you are going to put them in a seed maker because it's very expensive with loss of money of not put into the seed maker.

[edit] Hybrid/Tartan

After the first year and you enter Takakura's house at around 6.00 AM you will be introduced too tartan, the two headed plant that can combine to seeds to make them a whole different type of seed.

Once you've met him keep talking to him for quite a long time and eventually he will give you the option to hybrid.

Hybrid can give you the option to take two different plants and combine them together to make a whole new different plant. When he gives you the option to hybrid, select two plants from your inventory and let him do the work. It will take several seconds to do this. Hybrid crops and planted in the same way and need watering just like regular plants.

[edit] Trees

Do not plant crops within 8 squares of a tree otherwise they will die. Trees are bought from Vesta and can be planted at any time of the year. (Once matured, you do not need to water them again)

Type of trees:
Peach 1120G N/A (give fruit in Summer)
Orange 820G N/A (Summer)
Grape 900G N/A (Fall)
Banana 1500G N/A (Summer)
Apple 820G N/A (Fall)
Fertilizer 120G N/A

Trees only need watering twice a day for a year then they will mature. They may be planted at any time but they will only produce fruit in the set season after they have fully grown. To remove a tree, use either a hoe or sickle and use it with a tree, accept and the tree will be gone.

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