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[edit] How to get cooking utensils

To obtain cooking utensils such as the pot and the oven, you must go to the junk shop to but them. You can place them on your kitchen at home. If you can't get a cooking utensil, try experimenting by befriending villagers.

[edit] Using the cooking utensils

Simply press A in front of it, then add the ingredients from your rucksack. It will say what's going to be created in the orange box near the screen. If you don't put any ingredients in, the box'll say ???????.

[edit] Frying Pan

  • Baked potato: Butter, potato.
  • Char meuniere: Char, breadfruit, butter
  • Cheese omelet: Egg, milk, butter, cheese.
  • Flounder meuniere: Flounder, breadfruit, butter.
  • Fried veggies: One of these veggies: Cabbage, onion, bell pepper, spinach or eggplant you can also combine them.
  • Grilled clam: Butter, clam
  • Hailbut Meuniere: Hailbut, breadfruit, butter
  • M.Flounder meuniere: Maple flounder, breadfruit, butter, IMushroom saute: Butter, mushroom.
  • Pancake: Butter, bread fruit, milk, egg, honey
  • Plain omelet: Egg, milk, butter.
  • Popcorn: Corn
  • R.trout Meuniere: R.trout, bread fruit, butter
  • Salmon Meuiere: Salmon, breadfruit, butter.
  • Sardine Meuiere: Sardine, breadfruit, butter
  • Spicy fried veggies: Cayenne, one of: Cabbage, onion, ell pepper, spinach or eggplant.
  • Spinach saute: Butter, spinach.
  • Steamed clam: Grape soda, clam
  • Sunny side-up: Egg
  • Toadstool saute: T.stool. butter
  • Tomato omelette: Egg, milk, butter, tomato
  • Tortilla: Corn, milk
  • Truffle Saute: Butter, truffle
  • Tuna steak: Tuna
  • Yamame Meuniere: Yamame, breadfruit, butter.
  • Yellowtail Teriyaki: Yellowtail.

[edit] Bonfire Recipes

  • Anchovy: Sardine
  • Baked chestnut: Chestnut
  • Baked corn: Corn
  • Baked yam: Yam
  • Bonito steak: Bonito
  • Broiled blowfish: Blowfish (Poisonus)
  • Broiled C.carp: Crucian carp.
  • Broiled Chulow fish: Chulow fish (Poisonus)
  • Broiled clam: Clam
  • Broiled Crawfish: Crawfish
  • Broiled flounder: Flounder
  • Broiled Halibut: Halibut
  • Broiled jamsquid: Jamsquid. (Need to discover it to cook it)
  • Broiled lampsquid: Lampsquid
  • Broiled lobster: Lobster
  • Broiled mackerel: Mackerel
  • Broiled: M.Flounder: M.Flounder
  • Broiled nicesquid: Nicesquid (Need to discover to cook it)
  • Broiled S carp: S carp
  • Broiled Shinapper: Shinapper
  • Broiled shrimp: Shrimp
  • Broiled Snapper: Snapper
  • Broiled Squid: Squid
  • Broiled tuna: Tuna
  • Broiled Yellowtail: Yellowtail
  • Salted Amago: Amago
  • Salted Char: Char
  • Salted Cureall: Cureall
  • Salted Dace: Fish name here
  • Salted halfbeak: Halfbeak
  • Salted Huchen: Huchen
  • Salted R.trout: Rainbow Trout
  • Salted salmon: Salmon
  • Salted: Saury: Saury
  • Salted smelt: Smelt
  • Salted Yamame: Yamame

[edit] Dye Pot

  • Blue yarn: Yarn(any) Blue mist flower
  • Failed yarn : Any yarn
  • Green yarn: Any Yarn, Green leaf herb
  • Orange yarn: Any Yarn, Orange leaf herb
  • Pink yarn: Any Yarn, Pinkcat flower
  • Purple yarn: Any Yarn, Purple leaf herb
  • Red yarn: Any yarn, red herb
  • Yellow yarn: Any yarn, yellow herb

[edit] Mixer Recipes

  • Apple juice: Apple
  • Blueberry juice: Blueberry
  • Grape juice: Grapes
  • Grass juice: (One of either) Cabbage, spinach, green herb, bell pepper. (Befriend Tai)
  • Milkshake: Egg, milk.
  • Orange juice: Orange
  • Strawberyy milk: Strawberry, milk.
  • Tomato juice: Tomato
  • Veggie juice: Carrot or spinach.
  • Very berry juice: A very berry

[edit] Mixing Pot

  • Blue balm: Blue mist flower
  • Green balm: Green herb x3
  • Orange balm: Orange herb x3
  • Pink balm: Pinkflowercat x3
  • Purple balm: Purple herb x3
  • Bravo drink: Egg, pontata root, honey, purple herb (From Michael)
  • Caffeine: Milk, Cocoa, Cayenne (Comes with the pot)
  • Potion: Green herb, pontata root, honey (From alex)
  • Stamina drink: Red herb, pontata root, honey.

[edit] Knife Recipes

  • Sashimi: One of any fish except dace.
  • Egg sandwhich: Bread, butter, boiled egg, mayonnaise.
  • Pie dough: Bread fruit, butter, egg
  • Quesadilla: Tortilla, tomato, onion, bell, pepper, cheese
  • Tomato sandwhich: Bread, butter, tomato, mayonnaise
  • Veggie salad: Cabbage, tomato, corn, onion, mayonnaise, boiled egg.

[edit] Oven Recipes

  • Apple pie: pie dough, egg, apple.
  • Bread: Breadfruit, butter, egg
  • Cake: Breadfruit, egg, butter, milk.
  • Cheese cake: Breadfruit, Egg, butter, milk, cheese
  • Chestnut cake: Breadfruit, egg, butter, milk, chestnut
  • Chestnut pie: Pie dough, egg, chestnut
  • Cocoa cake: Butter, egg, milk, breadfruit, cocoa
  • Cocoa pudding: Milk, egg, cocoa
  • Corn bread: Corn, butter, egg
  • Eggplant Grati: Butter, cheese, eggplant, tomato.
  • Grilled fish: You can grill any fish you want. It'll come out as Grilled Salmon, Grilled yellowtail, Grilled tuna, etc.
  • Honey cake: Breadfruit, egg, butter, milk, honey
  • Jamsquid, Lampsquid, and nice squid teiyaki: Whatever squid you want to cook here.
  • Mushroom gratin: Butter, cheese, milk, mushroom.
  • Orange cake: Breadfruit, egg, butter, milk, orange
  • Pizza: Pie dough, tomato, cheese, onion, bell pepper, corn.
  • Potato gratin: Butter, cheese, milk, potato.
  • Pudding: Milk, egg
  • Pumpkin pie: Pie dough, egg, pumpkin.
  • Pumpkin pudding: Milk, egg, pumpkin
  • Seafood gratin: Butter, cheese, milk, shrimp, clam, squid.
  • Seafood pizza: Pie dough, tomato, cheese, shrimp, clam, squid
  • Yam pie: Yam, egg, milk, butter.

[edit] Pot Recipes

  • Apple jam: Apple, apple.
  • Blue berry jam: Blueberry x2
  • Boiled egg: Boiled egg
  • Boiled spinach: Spinach
  • Bouillabaisse: Tomato, onion, herb, fish, clam, shrimp
  • Caramelized Amango: Amangox2
  • Caramelized C.carp: Crucian carp x2
  • Caramelized S.carp: Silver carp x2
  • Caramelized smelt: Smelt x2
  • Cocoa: Milk, cocoa
  • Corn soup: Milk, corn
  • Cream salmon: Milk, butter, breadfruit, carrot, onion, salmon
  • Herb tea: Green herb
  • Hot milk: milk
  • Marmalde: Orange x2
  • Miso markerel: Mackerel.
  • Mushroom soup: Mushroom, milk
  • Onion soup: Butter, onion, bread, cheese
  • Potage soup: Milk, potato
  • Pumpkin soup: Pumpkin, milk
  • Spicy stew: Butter, carrot, onion, potato
  • Stew: milk, butter, breadfruit, carrot, onion, potato
  • stwed, eggplant, flounder,potato, pumpkin, snapper, yellowtail and yam: You can 'stew' these items individually. They'll come out as Stewed Eggplant, Stewed potato, etc.
  • Strawberry jam: Strawberry x2
  • Tomato sardine: Sardine, tomato, herb
  • Tomato soup: Milk, tomato
  • Tomato squid: Squid, tomato, herb
  • Very berry jam: very berry x2

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