Cooking and Recipes

Cooking is a must in Rune Factory Frontier. Most of the villagers' favorites are food that requires cooking.

[edit] Buying a Kitchen

To start off, buy a Handy Kitchen from Lute, the peddler who appears in the Public Square on Holidays. He's the one that'll sell you all the kitchen utensils you need. Talk to Kross who lives in the South District if you'd like to expand your kitchen area and change it's style.

[edit] Utensils

There are several cooking utensils in this game. The better the utensil, the more ingredients you can place to make food. You can tell how good your utensil is by it's name. Handy utensils are the first and cheapest utensils you get in the game, and they only let you use 2 ingredients. In order for you to purchase better cooking utensils from Lute, you must first upgrade your kitchen.


  • Oven
  • Kitchen
  • Frying Pan
  • Pot
  • Blender
  • Steamer

[edit] Recipes

You can get cook books or recipes from Selphy when she is selling books at the library. She'll start selling books for begginers and put in new books once you've bought enough. If the book you're looking for has been removed from her stock, eventually she'll start selling them cheaper on Tuesdays.

Each cook book has a title and a description, so be sure to buy what you want. Cook books are usually made specially for one utensil.

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