Cooking - Sunshine Islands

Just like in Island of Happiness, cooking is one of the many activities you can do to make money. The cooked recipes you create make good gifts for the marriage candidates! As they say, "The best way to a man's heart is his stomach", and in Sunshine Islands, this applies to both the bachelors and bachelorettes. On top of that, the recipes have a decent shipping value, and are good for replenishing your stamina/fullness. That can be especially helpful in the mines, where even something as simple as falling will hurt you. In order to cook, you'll need Gannon to build a Kitchen in your house. Before you can start cooking, you need to obtain recipes from the Cafe and Diner. Simply give the owners an ingredient, and they'll make a recipe made with that item. Be careful! Sometimes they create a failed dish, earning you no recipe. It's best to save before giving them an ingredient. After you earn the recipe, you can alter it by adding some other items in while your cooking. Experiment for an item with better value.

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