Cooking (AWL)

Cooking is a fun and useful aspect of Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. Developing this skill can be useful for restoring energy, befriending villagers, courting your spouse, or just for fun! In the beginning, there are only two options available for cooking in your kitchen: soups and salads. The more you cook, the more types of foods you can unlock (Desserts, entrées, hors d'oeuvres). Below are some easy recipes!


[edit] Soups

Yam Soup
Ingredients: 1 sweet potato

Fish stew
Ingredients: 2 vegetables (Turnip, carrot, potato or sweet potato), 1 fish

Earth soup
Ingredients: Potato, carrot

Ingredients: Potato, carrot, milk

Tomatoma soup
Ingredients: Tomato, carrot

[edit] Salads

Tomamelo salad
Ingredients: Tomato, melon

Fruit salad
Ingredients: Tomato, 2 different fruits (Strawberry, watermelon, melon, banana, apple, orange, peach, grapes)

Light Pickles
Ingredients: 1 turnip

Ingredients: Fish, mugwort, tomato/turnip

Melon salad
Ingredients: Melon, 2 different fruits (*Not including melon* Strawberry, watermelon, banana, apple, orange, peach, grapes)

Tomacarro salad
Ingredients: Tomato, carrot

[edit] Entrées

Ingredients: Potato, carrot, Ruby's spice (obtained after befriending Ruby)

Mushroom Curry
Ingredients: Potato/carrot, mushroom, Ruby's spice

Ingredients: Milk, butter, cheese

Mushroom Gratin
Ingredients: Milk, butter/cheese, mushroom

Ingredients: Egg, butter

Meuniere Set
Ingredients: Fish, butter

[edit] Hors D'oeuvres

Ingredients: 1 fish

Sashimi (S)
Ingredients: 2 different fish

Melon Pie
Ingredients: Melon, butter, egg

Strawberry Pie
Ingredients: Strawberry, egg, butter

Grape pie
Ingredients: Grape, butter, egg

Fried Mushrooms
Ingredients: Tomato, mushroom, butter

Smooth Veggies
Ingredients: Turnip, carrot, potato

Ingredients: Sweet potato, mushroom, wild plant

[edit] Desserts

Strawberry cake
Ingredients: Strawberry, milk, egg

Carrot cake
Ingredients: Carrot, milk, egg

Fruit Juice
Ingredients: Milk, 2 fruits

Ingredients: Milk, egg, butter

Fruit Punch
Ingredients: 3 different fruits

Ice Cream
Ingredients: Brown milk, star milk

Grilled Yam
Ingredients: Sweet potato

Veggie Cake
Ingredients: Tomato, milk, egg

Love Cocktail
Ingredients: Grape, watermelon

Rich Juice
Ingredients: Star milk, strawberry, banana

Sweet Potato
Ingredients: Yam, butter, egg

Peach Tart
Ingredients: Peach, butter, egg

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