Constellation Events

The following are constellation events in Rune Factory Frontier that will increase your relationship with the bachelorettes in the game and also sometimes in improve your stats. Every bachelorette only has one event each, but you can experience all of them before getting married. There are 13 in all:

Constellation Season Time Bachelorette Requirements Bonus
Broom Autumn 11:30AM Eunice 2FP Affection Boost and 3 Cooking Points
Buffamoo Summer Midnight Annette 1FP Affection Boost
Cross Winter 8PM Lara 4LP Affection Boost and 3 Vitality Points
Crown Spring 2AM Selphy 1FP Affection Boost and New Book
Elephant Summer 8PM Bianca 1FP Affection Boost and a Diamond
Fish Winter 2AM Cinnamon 5FP Affection Boost and 3 Fishing Points
Hairpin Winter 6PM Uzuki 4FP Affection Boost and 3 Weapon Points
Hat Autumn 8:30PM Melody Must be Cinnamon's Student Affection Boost and 3 Magic Points
Scorpion Any (1st or 30th) Midnight Iris Noire 6FP, Completed Storyline Affection Boost and 2 Agility/Strength Points
Serpent Spring 9:30PM Rosetta 1FP Affection Boost and 3 Intelligence Points
Turnip Spring 7:30PM Mist 1FP Affection Boost and Plent of Turnips
Whale Any (15th or 16th) Midnight Iris Blanche 6FP, Completed Storyline Affection Boost and 1 Point to All Elements
Wooly Summer 10PM Tabatha 1FP and a Monster Affection Boost for Tabatha and Monster

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