Connectivity (MFoMT)

In Mineral Town- Go to the waterfall near the hotspring and next to the mine. Throw any items into the waterfall and the Harvest Goddess will appear. Talk with her and tell her you want to connect with Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life. Then press Yes when she asks if you want her to stop (typo by Natsume, it is supposed to be start) communication.

In Forget-Me-Not Valley Get off of your farm and go over to Vesta's farm. Past Vesta's you will see a large mountain rage with a path that you might have seen Van or one of your fellow villagers go up and come from before. As you begin to walk up, Nik, Nak, and Flak, the Harvest Sprites, will stop you and ask if you want to connect. Say yes to both of their questions.

After doing this in both games, within a few seconds the link will be terminated. Then the Harvest Sprites/Goddess will tell you if anything new will happen and then tell you your link strength.

In Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life, you can receive new Records to play at your farm from Van. Along with two rumors, one about your farm in Mineral Town, and that if you look above the waterfall at night you will see something special.

In Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town, you will also be able to buy new Records from Van, who will start coming to your town. Also, Ruby comes to your town to give you recipes. In the library there will be new books too. After receiving all 42 connectivity stars you will receive the Sea Cottage and the pile of wood by the beach will turn into a house. Oh, and don't forget to give Van some Van's Favourite, if you have any!

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