Connecting to GBA - CUTE


[edit] Using the Same Version

If you own the English version of Harvest Moon DS CUTE, you do not have to worry about the following.

Before you make an attempt at connecting to the GBA version, Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town, make sure that you're using the same version. What we mean by "using the same version" is that make sure that if your copy of Harvest Moon MFoMT is translated into the same language as your copy of Harvest Moon DS CUTE. For example, if I wanted to connect to the English version of Harvest Moon MFoMT, but I had a Japanese copy of Harvest Moon DS CUTE, I wouldn't be able to connect to Mineral Town. So make sure that you have the same version of your Harvest Moon MFoMT copy as your Harvest Moon DS CUTE game!

Important Note: All owners of the European version of Harvest Moon DS CUTE do not have the option to connect to the GBA. If you own a European copy of Harvest Moon DS CUTE, please do NOT make an attempt at connecting to MFoMT!

[edit] Connecting to the GBA

Now, if you're ready to start connecting to Harvest Moon MFoMT or FoMT, get your copy of MFoMT/FoMT and put it into the Gameboy slot of your DS. Once you've put it in, turn on your game, and start playing! You should start seeing some Mineral Town characters dropping by each day. Each day, different people come to Forget-Me-Not Valley. You only need to connect once, and then the Mineral Town villagers will keep appearing whether the GBA game is in the slot or not.

Note: You cannot connect to the GBA if you are using the DSi console, knowing that it has no GBA slot!

[edit] Mineral Town People Schedule

Each day, different citizens of Mineral Town visit Forget-Me-Not. Sometimes, it's only one citizen, sometimes, it's two! They even have their own rooms in the top floor of the Inn. The boys stay in the MT Boy Room, and the girls will stay in the MT Girls Room. Please remember that they won't stay there all day! They will venture throughout the valley, as well.

Day of the Week Mineral Town Citizens
Monday Mary
Tuesday Karen
Wednesday Elli and Doctor Trent
Thursday Gray
Friday Ann
Saturday Cliff and Gotz
Sunday Popuri and Rick

The only Mineral Town bachelor that will visit even if you're not connected to Harvest MFoMT is Kai. Kai will visit every single summer, and set up his shack down at the beach if it's a sunny day. He will ONLY visit during the summer!

[edit] Music Records

Another feature to connecting to Harvest Moon MFoMT is being able to buy more music records at Jet's Shop in the Harvest Sprite Tree. You will only be able to play these records if you have unlocked the fifth channel for the Harvest Sprite Station.

In the beginning of your game, there are a few music records there already. Others will show up once you achieve major goals, which are getting married and having your child. Then five other records will come into Jet's Shop. These are the ones that will turn up from connecting to the GBA game, Harvest Moon MFoMT. They will not be able to be purchased any other way other than connecting to the GBA. Here's a list of the extra records that are able to be bought by connecting to Mineral Town:

  • Spring Harvest Moon - 10,000 Gold
  • Summer Harvest Moon - 10,000 Gold
  • Autumn Harvest Moon - 10,000 Gold
  • Winter Harvest Moon - 10,000 Gold
  • Last Dance - 10,000 Gold

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