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Cinnamon is the granddaughter of Kanno, the scholar who lives in the Clock Tower. Kanno will not move into the Clock Tower until the 7th of Spring, but after he does, talk to him and he should eventually mention his granddaughters and that he has plans for them to move in and cook his food. After he tells you this, when you walk out of the tower, you will meet (or rather, be surprised by) Cinnamon and her sister, Candy, falling to the ground from the sky.

Cinnamon is a girl of few words. She used to be a scholar, and is still very intelligent. However, she finds it a pain to talk and is very blunt about it. Sometimes when you try speaking to her, you will get nothing but "..........."s. Her hobbies, as she may or may not eventually tell you, are fishing and celestial observation. She is also an eligible bachelorette.

Birthday: Spring 26
Favorite gift: Magic Crystal
Other liked gifts: Fish
Hated gift: Cucumbers - she also hates sashimi.
Constellation event: Fish constellation - Winter - 2:00am
Bath event: Every fine day 6:00pm - 7:00pm (not raining or snowing)

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