Child (HMDS)

After your spouse and yourself have been married for a couple of seasons, (Usually 30 days but not guaranteed) you can expect a baby on the way! One day your wife (or yourself, depending on which version you are playing) will wake up feeling ill. The two of you will head to Hardy's Clinic and you will discover that you'll soon be proud parents. Has this event not happened yet even though you've been married for a while? You have to be sure to keep your spouse's love points at 60,000 for at least 30 days after marriage.

60 days after this event your child will be born. Your spouse will remind you the day before the baby is born that it's arriving soon, so don't worry if you forget the due date. As soon as your baby is born, the game will skip ahead three years and your baby will be a toddler. Your child will be different according to which spouse you have chosen for yourself.

The possible graphics of a male child.
Celia or MarlinBrown hair with green clothing
Flora or CarterBlond hair with red clothing and purple stripes
Muffy or RockBlond hair with white clothing and blue stripes
Lumina or GriffenBrown hair with brown and orange clothing
Nami or GustafaBrown hair with light blue clothing

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