Chase Tree of Tranquility

[edit] Tree of Tranquility

Employed at the local bar, Chase can be very rude at times, but still keeps an open smile. He knows how to be sarcastic, and is currently being tutored by Yolanda in the culinary arts. Maya, the daughter of Colleen and Jake, seems to have a crush on him.

Birthday: Spring 23rd

Rival: Maya

Best Gifts: Marmalade, Orange Cake, Orange Juice, Orange Pie, Shining Roasted Herb, Shark Fin Stew
Good Gifts: Pinkcat Flower, Pansy, Perfect Egg, Perfect Milk, Perfect Duck Egg, Good Strawberry, Shining Orange, Shining Apple, Perfect Goat Cheese, Perfect Cheese, Perfect Goat Butter
Bad Gifts: Failed Dish, Perfume, any Ores, Toadstool, Bamboo Shoots, Fodder, Bird Feed

Arrival: 3rd arrival after Daren's rainbow is finished.

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