Charaters (IL)

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[edit] Overview

There are many characters in this game. There all so different, with an interesting personality that you will either love about them or not.

[edit] Everyone

IL.png Life - This is you, the protagonist. You are actually a robot that was created by Dr. Glane.

Dr. Glane - IL.png Dr. Glane - This is your creator AKA Professor Hope. He is an incredibly smart scientist.

Vita - IL.png Vita - This is Dr. Glane's maid.

Chuck - IL.png Chuck Grimly - He is the mayor of the town.

Charles - IL.png Charles Grimly - He helps his father, Chuck, out a lot.

Dorothy - IL.png Dorothy Grimly - Chuck's wife and Charles mother.

Vanessa - IL.png Vanessa Branch - She teaches at the nearby school.

Jonathan - IL.png Jonathan Branch - He knows a lot about raising animals.

Lionel - IL.png Lionel Branch - He is very negative, while Becky is always positive.

Becky - IL.png Becky Branch - She is the complete opposite of Lionel.

Simon - IL.png Simon Branch - His family runs Branch farm. He is good friends with Marcia.

Gayak - IL.png Gayak - This is Marcia's grandfather and Marlene's husband. He'll teach you everything you need to know, he even has his own farm.

Marlene - IL.png Marlene - This is Marlene's grandmother and Gayak's wife. She is a very good cook.

Marcia - IL.png Marcia - This is Gayak and Marlene's granddaughter. They all live together.

Jean - IL.png Jean Cossack - With his wife Emma, he owns the Liberta Winery.

Emma - IL.png Emma Cossack - This is Jean's wife. She sells wine at Liberta Winery, where she lives.

Gallion - IL.png Gallion - He is married to Masami and he also loves to eat.

Masami - IL.png Masami - She is married to Gallion and she runs a bar.

Max - IL.png Max - He teaches Physical Ed. at the nearby school. He is always exercising and he is also married to Nana.

Nana - IL.png Nana - This is Max's wife.

Bobby - IL.png Bobby - He teaches at the nearby school.

Franco - IL.png Franco - A wise old man, he knows a lot of the history of the island.

Million - IL.png Million - He is very helpful, he is even nice enough to show you around. He runs Shop-a-Million.

Moonlight - IL.png Moonlight - He is a very strange man, he is an artist, and he always seems to be sleepy.

Neo - IL.png Neo - He is the weatherman and also a scientist.

Sharon - IL.png Sharon - She teaches art at the nearby school.

Banks - IL.png Big Banks -

Lucia - IL.png Lucia Banks -

Marco - IL.png Marco Banks -

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