Characters (TTOTT)

In Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns there is an assortment of new characters. Like most Harvest Moon games, some of them are eligible marriage candidates. Twin Villages is rather unique, having the characters living in two separate towns.


[edit] Main Characters

[edit] Male Protagonist

With his curious personality and love of nature, it's no wonder he grew up longing for a life as a farmer. He loves taking challenges, even if the odds aren't in his favor.

[edit] Female Protagonist

A kind and caring person, she loves looking after animals and crops. She's amazingly spirited, and has been wanting to become a farmer.

[edit] Marriage Candidates

[edit] Bluebell (Bachelors)

[edit] Ash

Your farming rival! He gets along with everyone, and thinks that men should look after the weak. As a result, he's very kind towards children and women. He helps out with is mother and sister by taking care of the livestock. He loves animals, even though he does not have a favorite.

[edit] Cam

He's a skilled florist, and dreams of winning the Grand Flower Arrangement Exhibit. He's very quiet, and doesn't really talk much about what he does.

[edit] Bluebell (Bachelorettres)

[edit] Laney

A very popular person in Bluebell, Lia is a very happy and witty girl. She loves making tea and snacks, and dreams of owning her own shop, selling her sweets.

[edit] Georgia

A very well mannered girl who has a bit of a short temper. Even though she's lived in Bluebell since she was little, she still has the accent of a previous village.

[edit] Konohana (Bachelors)

[edit] Kana


Kana is a friend to anyone, but especially his horses. You could say he is obsessed.

[edit] Konohana (Bachelorettes)

[edit] Nori

Nana is the "older sister" type with an adult-like patience. She helps her grandparents and can be very determined.

[edit] Reina


A botanist. That means she likes plants. In fact, she studies them while living with her uncle, Mako. Much of what she speaks about includes plant-life and nature.

[edit] Special Candidates

[edit] Mikhail

A very 'go-with-the-flow' kind of guy. He is very kind and polite, but also very private. He hates when people try to pry into his personal life. Loves to make music, plays the violin.

[edit] Oracle

Oracle is an alchemist and hermit who lives in the mountains far away from town, it is still unknown how long she has been without human contact.

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