Characters (StH)

Bob: Bob owns the Brownie Farm. He is very good with animals, just like Gwen. It's rumoured that he was engaged to her at one point. Bob's birthday is on Summer 1st.

Flak: Another one of the Harvest Sprites. He is quite lazy and it is obvious by his bulk. He loves mushrooms just as much as the other sprites do.

Harvest Goddess: You meet the Goddess at the beginning of the game when she encourages you to save the village. Visit her pond later on to get wishes. The Goddess likes any produce that comes from your farm.

Jack (Your Character): This is the main character. You control him, and he is destined to save the homeland.

Joe: Joe is much more friendly than his younger brother Kurt. He is a tradesman's apprentice, and loves fishing. If you befriend him he'll end up giving you the fishing rod. He likes fish and his birthday is Summer 10.

Kurt: Kurt is Joe's younger brother. He, like Joe, is also a tradesman apprentice. He's shy and it sometimes comes off as being rude. He really likes tomatos, so give him some if you'd like to become his friend. Kurt's birthday is Winter 10th.

Louis: Louis owns the Tool Shop in the village. After you befriend him he'll give you a flute. Eggs are a great gift for him. His birthday is Fall 2nd.<

Martha: Martha is Gina's grandmother and is also a maid at Dia's house. She is very protective of Dia. This doesn't help Dia's want to be independant. Martha's birthday is Winter 25th.

Nac: Nac is one of the three Harvest Sprites. He is the youngest, and also really likes mushrooms.

Nic: Nic is the "leader" of the Harvest Sprites. He really enjoys mushrooms, so that would be an ideal gift.

Parsley: Parsley is a traveling botanist. He is very romantic and knows a lot about plants and things like that. He looks just like Popuri's dad from HM64. He likes herb tea, and his birthday is Spring 16th.

Ronald: Ronald runs the General Store where you can buy seeds, tools, and other things. He likes to sing and eat during his spare time. It's a wonder he doesn't put on weight! Ronald's birthday is Spring 11th.

Tim: Tim is Bob's younger brother and he wants to be a treasure hunter when he's older. He follows the old proverb: "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.". He likes cake, tea, eggs, and his birthday is Fall 12th.

Wallace: Wallace is Katie's grandfather, and is also the owner of the Cafe & Pub. It seems as if he used to have a crush on the main character's grandmother. Wallace's birthday is Summer 21st.

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