Characters (MFoMT)

Here are the remaining characters other than the bachelors and bachelorettes.


Thomas is the mayor of Mineral Town. He is the first person you meet when you start your new life on a farm. He lives in the Northern part of town, next to Elli's house. He is usually found in the Supermarket (mornings), his house, Rose Square (afternoons), and sometimes even the Inn. His birthday is on the 25th of Summer, and he enjoys girts such as Elli Leaves, or Bamboo Shoots.


Harris is the constable of Mineral Town. He is a nice guy, who seems sort of sad in the beginning, since he doesn't have much work to do, as Mineral Town is quite peaceful. He lives in the Mayor's house, and can usually be found walking around town, in the Mayor's house, Gotz's place, the Inn, and Yodel Farm. His birthday is on the 4th of Summer, and he enjoys receiving presents such as Wine, and Wild Grape Juice.


Gotz is the Mineral Town carpenter. He will upgrade your farm, (house, chicken coop, barn, doghouse, etc.), and he does a good job as well. He lives in the forest, and in his house, you can buy lumber, or ask him for an upgrade. He is usualy kind of grumpy, but he'll be nicer to you if you befriend him. He can be found either in his house, in the mountain area, outside his house, or at the supermarket. His birthday is on Fall 2nd, and he enjoys items such as Honey, Wine, and different types of juice.


Zach collects your shipments from your shipment boxes, picking them up everyday (except holidays) at 5 pm. He is a tough guy, who lives and works on the beach, in his house. Staying with him is one of the secret heart bachelors, Won. Secretly, this dude has a crush on Lillia, but he's too shy to say anything, and he is quite disappointed that she is already married. He can be found at the Supermarket (mornings), his place, your farm (when picking up shipments), and on some occasions, he can be found at Saibara's shop. his birthday is on the 29th of Summer, and he enjoys Wild Grapes, Honey, and Crops.


Barley is the owner of Yodel Ranch, home of the cows, and the sheep. He's an older man, who was sort of forced to take care of his grandaughter, May, because his daughter left her behind. He lives in Yodel Farm, with May. He can be found either in his house, at the hot springs (he has a "hot spring day"), and sometimes at the Mayor's house. His birthday is on the 17th of Spring, and he enjoys gifts such as Elli Leaves, Milk, Noodles, and Bamboo Shoots.


May is Barley's grandaughter, and she lives with him at Yodel Ranch. She's a sweet little girl, who likes animals, and likes to play. Her best friend is Stu, Elli's little brother, and can be usually found outside of the Church with him, and Carter. Other places where she can be found are the hot springs, or at Yodel Farm. Her birthday is on the 26th of Winter, and she enjoys receiving gifts like Flowers, Strawberry Milk, and Chocolate.


Lillia is the mother of Popuri and Rick, and she is the owner of Poultry Farm. She's a sweet woman, who has some health problems. Her husband went on a search to find a flower to cure her, but it only blooms once every ten years, and in this game, you never see him. Lillia misses her husband, but that doesn't stop her from running the farm. Lillia enters the cooking festival every year. She lives in Poultry Farm, and can either be found there, or at the Hospital. Her birthday is on Spring 19th, and she loves Flowers, Eggs, and Grapes.


Saibara is the Mineral Town blacksmith. He upgrades tools, sells some tools, and makes jewelery. He is Gray's grandfather, and is constantly teaching Gray manners, and telling him how to improve. He may seem a little grumpy, but that's just him. Saibara can be found in various places, including the Supermarket, his shop, and the Inn. His birthday is on the 11th of Spring, and he enjoys presents such as Elli Leaves, Ores, and Minerals.


Duke is one of the owners of the Aja Winery. He is married to Manna, and lives in the Winery. He and Manna named their Winery after their daughter, Aja, who currently lives in the city. Duke enjoys hanging out with other guys at the Inn in the evenings drinking wine. He can be found in the Winery, in the Wine Cellar, in the Vineyard, and in the evenings, he can be found at the Inn. His birthday is on the 15th of Winter, and the ideal presents for him would be Wine, Wild Grape Juice, and Honey.


Manna is the other owner of the Aja Winery. She is Duke's husband. Manna is a very talkative woman, who does have interesting things to say most of the time. Her best friends are Sasha, and Anna. Manna can usually be found in the Winery, at Anna's house, at the Supermarket, and in Rose Square, where she meets her best friends to chat. She also enters the Cooking Festival every year. Her birthday is Fall 11th, and her favorite gifts are Honey, Milk, and Flowers. Except, she doesn't seem to like the Fall flowers much.


Doug is the owner of the Inn, and the father of Ann. His wife died, sadly, and on the anniversary of her death, he will be in a back room of the Inn, so you probably won't be able to see him that day. He's a great chef, and he has good advice. Doug spends his time in the Inn, with Ann. Doug is the only male that enters the cooking festival every year. His birthday is on the 11th of Winter, and your best choice in gifts for him would be Cheese Fondue, Buckwheat Flour, Fish, and Honey.


Anna is the mother of Mary, and the wife of Basil. She lives in the house attatched to the Library, as her husband wrote all the books, and her daughter is Librarian. According to Manna, "She has a unique personality." Anna can be found in her house, at Rose Square, and on Monday mornings, she can be found on a family outing at Mother's Hill. Her birthday is on the 23rd of Fall, and items she enjoys include Noodles, Rice Cakes, and Elli Leaves.


Basil is Mary's father, and the wife of Anna. He is the one who wrote all the books in the Library, which give quite good advice. Currently, he studies plants from Mother's Hill. He says that the entire reason that his family came to Mineral Town was to study plants that are only found there. Basil's birthday is the 11th of Summer, and items he enjoys include Flowers, Grasses (not weeds), and Mushrooms.


Ellen is the grandmother of both Elli and Stu. She is an elderly woman, who has a condition with her legs, making her unable to walk much. She is a kind woman, who enjoys the fresh air, even if she cannot go outside. She can be found in Elli's house (which is next to the Library) at all times. Her birthday is on the 13th of Winter, and a good gift for her would be Flowers, Pumpkins, or Honey.


Stu is Elli's little brother, and he can be a troublemaker, but normally, he's just a little boy who wants some attention. His best friend is May. He's a boy who really enjoys animals, especially cows. He can be found in front of the Church (on church days), and in Elli's house. His birthday is on Fall 5th, and he loves items like Strawberry Milk, Cookies, Ice Cream, and Chocolate.


Sasha is the wife of Jeff, and an owner of the supermarket. She is also the mother of Karen, the rival for Rick. Sasha has three best friends, Lillia, Anna, and Manna. She can usually be found in Poultry Farm (Tuesdays), Rose Square, or the Supermarket. Her birthday is on the 30th of Spring, and the ideal present for her would be Wine, and Honey.


Jeff is the father of Karen, the husband of Sasha, and one of the owners of the Supermarket, along with Sasha. He spends most of his time in the Supermarket, and if you talk to him, he encourages you to buy seeds. Jeff can be found in the Supermarket, and sometimes at the Inn, where he sepnds time with Doug. His birthday is on the Winter 25th, and the ideal present for him would be Fruit Juice, or Blue Grass. Honey is also a good one for him.


Carter is a pastor at the Church. He is a kind and smart man, who enjoys telling stories. He is good friends with Cliff, one of the bachelors, because Cliff visits the Church as often as possible. Carter also offers for you to usethe confessional as often as needed. He spends his time either in Church, or outside of the Church building(in the mornings and afternoons on Church days). His birthday is on the 20th of Fall, and the best girt for him would be Curry, Honey, or Fish.

Harvest Goddess

The Harvest Goddess may not be a villager, but she is still a character in this game. Like the name states, she's a goddess, and she can be found in the Harvest Goddess Pond, by the Hot Springs. She can be very helpful, for example, after visiting her a certain number of times, she'll give you a Power Berry, or Tea Leaves, or even White Grass. Apparently, she also gives good marriage advice. Her birthday is on Spring 8th, and her favorite things include Pineapples, Flowers, and Crops.

Harvest Sprites

The Harvest Sprites are little elf-like people that live in a house behind the Church. If you befriend them, they will play games with you, and they will do work for you (watering crops, harvesting crops, and animal care). There seven harvest sprites in total. Bold, the purple sprite, Staid, the blue sprite, Aqua, the marine blue sprite, Timid, the green sprite, Hoggy, the yellow sprite, Chef, the red sprite, and Nappy, the orange sprite. The best presents for them are grasses, matching their color, or flour. Their birthdays are not on the same date.

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