Characters (HM 3)

There are many characters in HM: GBC3. They might not all be here yet, but I'll try to get more written down in the future.

Bigbee - Another person you can find around the town.

Billy - Chloe's son. He's also an old childhood friend.

Chloe - She owns the restaurant in the Shopping Mall.

Daisy - She hangs around in the Shopping Mall.

Elder - He is the elder of the town. He's like the mayor in a way.

Elza - She is another one of your childhood friends. Her, Billy, and yourself always used to go to the beach together.

Gen - A guy who hangs out at the Shopping Mall.

Kate - A person you can find in the village.

Kirk - This guy runs the ferries. He'll allow you to ride them on specific days of the week so you can go to town.

Lucas - Owns the Tool Shop in the Shopping Mall.

Lukia - The owner of the store that sells seeds in the Shopping Mart.

Lyla - Owns the Bookshop in the Shopping Mall.

Maria - She's a mermaid. You need to do certain things if you ever want a chance of seeing her.

Mary - She is the owner of the library.

Pete/Sara - The default names for the boy and girl characters. Together you must save the farm!

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