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[edit] Anna

Birthday: Fall 23
Family: Basil (husband) & Maria (daughter)
Anna is the most sophisticated person in Mineral Town. Usually she's in the kitchen of her house, but sometimes she'll be gossping with other wives in Rose Square.


[edit] Barley

Birthday: Spring 17
Family: Joanna (daughter) & May (granddaughter Barley owns the Yodel Ranch.
Barley is a kind old man, but is easily angered if you treat your animals poorly. Joanna, his daughter, left long ago and left her daughter in his care.


[edit] Basil

Birthday: Summer 11
Family: Anna (wife) & Maria (daughter)
Basil and his family moved to Mineral Town because of all the interesting plants there. Most of the books in the library were written by him and he's always doing research. On Mondays he goes to the hills to look for plants. A botanist through and through!


[edit] Carter

Birthday: Fall 20
Family: Unknown Carter is the pastor at the church.
Usually he just stays inside and looks after everything. You can confess your sins to him in the confession booth if you feel like it. He also loves children and can often be seen watching over Stu and May. Once you get Carter to like and trust you, you can go behind the church and collect the truffles, mushrooms, and white grass there.


[edit] Doug

Birthday: Winter 11
Family: Ann (daughter)
Doug runs the Inn/Bar with help from his daughter, Ann. He never takes breaks, except for on Fall 5 when he goes to Mother Hills to remember his dead wife.


[edit] Duke

Birthday: Winter 15
Family: Aja (daughter) & Manna (wife)
Duke runs the Aja Winery. He enjoys drinking very much. He doesn't seem to realize that his drinking has caused many problems in his life.


[edit] Ellen

Birthday: Winter 13
Family: Elli (granddaughter) & Stu (grandson)
Ellen is a kind old lady who lives with Stu. She cannot walk, so you will often see her inside taking care of Stu or being visited by townsfolk.


[edit] Gotz

Birthday: Fall 2
Family: Unknown
He is a carpenter who doesn't talk much about his life and keeps to himself. You can often find him on Mothers Hill or in his shop. Gotz doesn't have any family in Mineral Town because they died.


[edit] Harris

Birthday: Summer 4
Family: Unknown
Harris enforces the law in Mineral Town. He only takes breaks to eat supper at the Inn. He lives with the Mayor and is deeply in love with Aja. Because of this, he is very sad that she left Mineral Town.


[edit] Jeff

Birthday: Winter 29
Family: Sasha (wife) & Karen (daughter)
Jeff runs the supermarket with help from his wife. He seems depressed and is often under a lot of stress. His stress always turns into a stomach ache, so you'll often find him at the clinic or church.


[edit] Lillia

Birthday: Spring 19
Family: Rod (husband), Rick (son) & Popuri (daughter)
Lillia sells you everything you need for chickens at the Poultry Farm. She is often very ill so she stays inside a lot of the time. Her husband left to find a rare flower to cure her illness, but Lillia wishes that he had never left.


[edit] Luu

Birthday: Unknown
Family: Tim (husband) & Rock (son)
Luu lives in Forget-Me-Not Valley in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. If you transfer data she will come every Sunday. She keeps the same look as herself in Forget-Me-Not Valley. She'll stay in the Inn and you can visit her there. If you talk to her she'll tell you of different recipies from all over the world.


[edit] Manna

Birthday: Fall 11
Family: Aja (daughter) & Duke (husband)
Manna sells wine and lives with Duke at the Winery. Her daughter, Aja, left a while ago when she got into a fight with Duke. Manna still hasn't forgiven Duke and is always angry at him. Manna spends a lot of time in Rose Square chatting with other wives.


[edit] May

Birthday: Winter 26
Family: Joanna (mother) & Barley (grandfather)
May lives on Yodel Ranch with her grandfather. Her mother left town a little while back and May misses her quite a lot. May is best friends with Stu and they are always playing together. May also spends a lot of time playing in her yard with her dog, Hanna.


[edit] Sasha

Birthday: Spring 30
Family: Jeff (husband) & Karen (daughter)
Sasha helps run the supermarket with her family. She spends a lot of time in the back room, but will come to the main part of the farm to check up on her husband. At around 1PM she leaves to talk with the other wives at Rose Square. Sometimes she'll also visit Ellen or Lillia. She gets into a lot of fights with her family but really only wants the best for them.


[edit] Siabara

Birthday: Spring 11
Family: Gray (grandson)
Siabara is the one to see if you want new tools or your old ones upgraded. He works pretty much all day, and his door will be closed if you've asked for a job to be done. His Grandson works for him as an apprentice, but he's really tough on him. Siabara secretly loves Ellen but doesn't seem to be willing to say anything about it.


[edit] Stu

Birthday: Fall 5
Family: Elli (sister) & Ellen (grandmother)
Stu likes to cause a lot of mischief. He spends a lot of the time inside with his grandmother Ellen, but also loves to go outside and play with his friend May. Sometimes when you stop by Ellen's house he'll ask you to play with him.


[edit] Thomas

Birthday: Summer 25
Family: Unknown
Thomas is the Mayor of the village. Sometimes he'll stop by your house and invite you to festivals. During the afternoon you'll probably see him in Rose Square writing invites on the board.


[edit] Van

Birthday: Unknown
Family: Unknown
Van is another character that can be transfered from Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. He also keeps the same appearance as from Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. In FOMT/MFOMT he comes on Wednesdays and sets up his shop at the Inn. He will sell you some things you cannot get in Mineral Town.


[edit] Zack

Birthday: Summer 29
Family: Unknown
Zack with lives Won in their house at Mineral Beach. He is the one who comes to your farm and picks up the produce every day at around 5PM. You rarely see him outside of his house unless it's to shop. Zack has a secret crush on Lillia and has pictures of her all over his wall.

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