Characters (HM64)

There are many different characters in this game. Here is a list and a description of them all.

She lives at the Green Ranch and is one of the five bachelorettes.
BabyIf you get married you can have a baby. It'll never grow up past walking stage, and it will always be a boy.
BasilPopuri's father. He leaves every Fall before it gets too cold outside. Don't worry, he'll come back again in the Spring.
Carpenter's HelpersThere are two of these guys. They help the head carpenter around the house, and they also help build your extensions.
CliffArrives during the first Spring. If you don't befriend him he'll end up leaving. He'll also marry Ann if you don't.
CoupleThey come to your farm if you have flowers planted. They get into a romantic mood after and begin kissing.
DukeBartender at the bar. He is Jeff's uncle.
She lives at the bakery. Another bachelorette you can woo.
EntomologistHe comes in the second Spring looking for a rare butterfly.
GoddessShe lives in the Goddess Pond. If it's between 9 AM to 5 PM then you can throw something into the pond and make a wish. Be sure that the thing you toss in is something from your farm. Like an egg, crop, etc.
GotzKaren's dad. He runs the Vineyard and is very rude when you first begin speaking to him. He doesn't get along well with his daughter.
Gourmet JudgeHe's a judge at the Vegetable Festival and Cow Festival. Sometimes he'll be wandering around the crossroads near your farm.
GreyHe may seem rude at first, but he's very kind once you get to know him. He'll marry Popuri if you don't.
GregThe fisherman. Talk to him to get a rod for free! He'll also teach you how to fish.
HallAnn's father. He runs the Animal Shop and will sell you animals and supplies.
HarrisThe mailman. He'll marry Maria if you don't.
Harvest SpritesThe little people that live in the mountain cave. Give them gifts every day and they'll eventually learn English. If you become good friends with them they will care for your animals during hurricanes and blizzards.
Head CarpenterThe leader of the carpenters.
ImpHe lives in the Fisherman's Pond. That's the pond when you first enter the mountains. If you throw any fish in there then he will give you a blue Powerberry. This allows you to work outside even if it's raining! Make sure to throw the fish into the middle of the pond or else it won't count.
JackThis is the default name for your character. You own the farm and must make it profitable.
JeffHe owns the bakery and is known as the Bakery Master. He'll marry Elli if you don't.
KaiWorks at the Vineyard. He came from a very warm country. He'll marry Karen if you don't. He'll also leave if Karen leaves.
She lives at the Vineyard and is another bachelorette.
KentStu's older brother.
Lady and SonDuring the first Winter, Hall will ask you to care for three cows. Agree to it and he'll pay you. The cows belong to this lady and her son. Sometimes the son will be in the barn to see the cows. The lady can be found at the bar. Eventually they'll both come to your farm to thank you for looking after the cows.
LilliaPopuri's mother. She owns the Flower Shop and gets very sad when her husband isn't around.
She is the Mayor's daughter and works at the library. She is also another one of the five bachelorettes.
MayA little girl with black hair. She's Zack's daughter. Her Grandmother is the midwife.
MayorThe Mayor of the town.
Mayor's WifeShe is a very kind woman.
MidwifeShe is Zack's mother. She'll help deliver your baby once the time has come.
Old CoupleThey can be seen at the horse and dog races. Sometime in winter they might come to your farm and comment on how it looks.
Pastor BrownIs the Pastor at the church. He also teaches the children their school during weekdays.
She lives at the Flower Shop and is another bachelorette.
Potion Shop OwnerHe runs the Potion Shop. He's also Kent and Stu's Grandfather.
Restauraunt OwnersThey can be found on the mountain. The old man is named Skinny and the old lady is named Sydney.
RickHe owns the Toolshop. He always forgets to open it on rainy days. He is related to Ann and Gray.
Sammy the SalesmanThe only thing you should buy from him is the Powerberry at the festival. Everything else he tries to sell you is just a rip-off.
SashaKaren's mom. She often appears to be very sad.
SiabaraAn old man who owns the shop next door to Rick's shop.
StuKent's little brother.
The PhotographerTakes pictures of you at certain festivals when you win.
Three GirlsThey can be found at the horse and dog races. They'll also come to your farm once you win the Cow Festival.
Your DadYour dad comes to visit you at the end of your third year. He'll evaluate your progress and tell you how well or poor you've done.
ZackHe takes the items you've put into the shipping bin. He comes at 5:00 every day, except maybe not on festival days. Zack can often be found relaxing at the bar.

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