Characters (GBC)

Ann - She works at the tool shop. She is the one who sells you the tools needed throughout the game.

Carpenter - The Carpenter works in town. He can sell you wood and make extensions on your house.

Ellen - She is the one who owns the restaurant. You can buy food or drinks from her. You also must help her when she loses her bird.

Eve - She works at the Juice Bar. If you're lucky you will get an event with her, and then she will get new items in her store.

Harvest Goddess - She lives in the pond. You might even get the chance to talk to her!

Livestock Keeper - He works in town at the Livestock Shop. He sells you animals and also fodder.

Main Character - You can either play as a male or a female. It doesn't really matter which gender you choose.

Maria - She works at the church and can tell you your fortune. If she predicts a bad fortune your chickens won't lay eggs the next day.

Nina - Nina owns a flower shop and sells you seeds. An event can also occur with Nina. She will go looking for flowers, and your character must find her.

Shipping Guy - Gathers your produce from the shipping bin at the end of the day and gives you money for it.

Sprites - These guys live behind the shed in a cave. They'll give you some items once you befriend them.

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