Characters (AWL:SE)

There are quite a few townspeople in this game. All of them have there own personalities. Almost all of them like at least one type of flower or milk of some sort. If you have trouble befriending someone, see if they will accept these items. If not, then try eggs and different things from the dig site. Even fishing will do for most of the guys (except Gustafa).

Carter: Carter is the 41 year old owner of the dig site. He is always happy to have help and will give you something to do on rainy days.

Chris: Chris is a 33 year old mom who is married to the athlete, Wally. She is an ex-news castor and loves her family very much along with flowers.

Cody: 36, quiet, and alone Cody is always seeking inspiration for his art. He lives at his studio which is the most odd shaped building.

Daryl: Daryl is always seen as the crazy scientist who wants to capture your kid and cows. He is 35 and can be considered a creative genius. Befriend him for the Seed Maker.

Dr. Hardy: Compassionate, and 52, the local physician takes good care of his main patient, Romana. He is highly respected and could seem cold at first.

Flora: Flora works and lives at the dig site. At the age of 34, her main interest is digging. She is very dedicated to her research.

Galen: Galen is the oldest one in town, at 68. He finds the country life boring, but can usually be found behind his wife Nina when they are taking a walk.

Grant: Grant is a business man and Kate's father. He is always in the city so you hardly ever see him in town.

Griffin: He is 46, plays the guitar, owns the local town bar, and looks after Muffy. He is a great man and will sell you a drink if needed.

Gustafa: Hippy, and 28 years old, Gustafa is always laid back. He loves to play his guitar, and he is constantly found just outside of his house.

Hugh: Hugh is an eager boy who wants to grow up to be a better athlete than his father. He lives in the two-story house across from the Blue Bar and is only eight years old. He is one of the people closes to your son’s age and can impact your son to be an athlete.

Kassey: Kassey is a 51 year old pyrotechnician. He thinks he is the best there is….except for that time he blew him and his brother to Forget-Me-Not Valley. He lives in the house shaped like a firework.

Kate: Kate is one of the younger members in town, but she is also a brat. She likes to hang out around town and takes an interest in your son(if you have one).

Marlin: Marlin is 32 and has a bit of a crush on Celia. He works on his sister, Vesta’s, farm and is fairly shy unless you are talking about agriculture. He can seem mean and grumpy at first, but that is just how he covers up his shyness.

Murray: Murrey is the poor local. He tends to steal from you at times, but if you give him money he will be your friend.

Nina: She is 67 and sweetest and nicest one in town. She loves her husband, Galen, and eating vegetables. Nina recently relocated to Forget-Me-Not Valley to live out her years with her husband.

Patrick: Patrick is a 51 year old pyrotechnician. He thinks he is the second best there is. He lives in the house shaped like a firework. He has a patch on the back of his pants unlike his brother.

Rock: He is 22 and lives in the inn. He likes to have a good time, so he is poor because he refuses to work.

Romana: 62 and still going, she can be found taking long walks or at her mansion on the hill. There, she lives with her butler, and granddaughter, Lumina, who she expects great things from. She will give you a cat in chapter two.

Ruby: Ruby is a 47 year old who works at the Inner Inn. She is a brilliant chef with great recipes. You can find some of them in her kitchen.

Samantha: Samantha is Grant's wife and Kate's mother. She is sweet and loves flowers.

Sebastian: He is the 63 year old butler that comes from generations of working for Romana’s family. Even though he is the butler, he is treated by Romana and Lumina like he is in the family.

Takakura: This is the first person you meet in the game who shows you around your farm. He will go to town for you to buy and sell your items. His age is unknown, and he lives and works on your farm.

Tim: Tim is 48 and married to Ruby. He likes to run the Inner Inn and tastes his wife’s great cooking. You can find him in the Inner Inn’s lobby during most of the day.

Van: This is the 50 year old guy who sells you stuff. He visits on the third and eighth of each season and can be found at his shop or talking about some wild diet at the inn.

Vesta: Vesta is helpful, 39, and very successful. She will sell you seeds and give you tips when needed.

Wally: Wally is the loving husband, father, and athlete living in Forget-Me-Not valley. He is only 34 and is always seen running with his son, Hugh.

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