Characters (AWL)

Explains everyone in the village with there likes, dislikes and short description.

By making friends with the other villagers, you will get rare and unusual items that you wouldn’t be ale to buy. To make friends with them you will need to give them things that they like often. You can tell if they are your friends or not because they will turn their head to your direction. To get these items you will need to trigger a cut scene at the right moment.


[edit] Carter


Carter works at the mine and lives in the tent next to it. You may help him mine between certain hours so it’s a good chance for time passing. He spends most of his time around that area.

Favourite items: Cheese
Dislikes: Unknown


[edit] Celia

Celia is looked after Vesta and Marlin. She likes to help with the crops as much as possible and very rarely leave the farm. She is also a wife option. She is the second easiest to woo.

Favourite Items: Flowers, moon ores, coins from the ruins, vegetables, Clay artifacts,Star milk S, Strawberry Cake, Mushroom curry, eggs.
Dislikes: Fossils

[edit] Chris

Chris is always cheerful, she is married to Wally and commutes daily to work.

Favourite items: All flowers, milk and apples, Fruit juice
Dislikes: Vegetable cake


[edit] Cody

Cody is the creative one in the village. He is an artist that enjoys peace.

Favorite Items: Flowers, crystals, bones
Dislikes: Curry

[edit] Dachan

A teddy bear. An enchanted teddy bear. His full role in the game is currently unknown. You can buy him from Van for 1200G in chapter 3.


[edit] Daryl

He is the scientist living near your farm. It is hard to give him gifts since he will refuse them sometimes so you’ll have to be careful.

Favourite items: Coins, eggs and bones
Dislikes: What he isn’t interested in

[edit] Dr. Hardy

Dr. Hardy is the doctor for this town. He is mainly wondering the streets in his spare time. Speak to him to check up on your health.He keeps a close watch on Romana in the first chapter, but switches over to Galen in chapter 2.

Favorite Items: Bones, fish, flowers
Dislikes: Curry


[edit] Flora

Flora helps Carter down at the mine. She is pretty quiet and usually spends her time digging.

Favourite items: Fish, cheese, butter, milk and curry
Dislikes: Low quality fruits and vegetables


[edit] Galen

Galen is an old gentleman who lives with his wife Nina. Later on in the game he will move to a different house in a quiet place of the village. He will mainly take short walks then return to his home.

Favorite Items: Vegetables of S quality, apples of any quality, fish, fish stew
Dislikes: Any vegetable below S quality

[edit] Grant

The father of Kate, He mainly stays away from his house so you won't see him much.

Favourite items: Goats milk, milk and eggs
Dislikes: Coins


[edit] Griffin

Griffin runs the pub/bar down the road to your farm, in his spare time he likes to play his guitar.

Favorite Items: Fish, coins, sashimi, Mist Moon flowers, Trick Blue flowers (grow by the turtle pond in the fall), crystals, golden eggs
Dislikes: Butter


[edit] Gustafa

Gustafa is a very relaxed person, he has no real objective so you mainly see him playing his guitar around the village.

Favourite items: Flowers, milk is his favorite!
Dislikes: Unknown


[edit] Hugh

Hugh is the son of Chris and Wally. He is mainly seen working out with his father following his footsteps.

Favourite items: Milk, coins and crystals
Dislikes: Unknown


[edit] Kassey

Kassey is the world’s greatest pyrotechnician. He lives in an elevated house that needs to be climbed into. Don’t get him mixed up with his brother Patrick.

Favourite items: Flowers
Dislikes: Turnips


[edit] Kate

Kate is a little girl that moves in with her parents later on in the game. She is quite bossy and enjoys wondering around the bar.

Favorite Items: Curry (chapters 2 and 3 only), flowers
Dislikes: Carrot cake, vegetable cake, eggs


[edit] Lumina

She likes to play the piano in her spare time, mainly seen wondering around.

Favourite items: Flowers
Dislikes: Nothing


[edit] Marlin

Marlin is a very eruptive person who is not very fond of you. If you chose to marry Celia he will dislike you either more since he had other plans.

Favourite items: Energy potions
Dislikes: Everything else


[edit] Muffy

Muffy is another possible wife. She spends her time being the bars counter helping her father serve up drinks. She is the easiest to woo out of the three bachelorettes.

What she likes: Moon ores, most flowers, Big Hucheps, most home-cooked meals, and dairy products (especially S-grade milk).
Dislikes: Fossils, Colombo Fish


[edit] Mukumuku

He is a strange beast, you see him time to time guarding the lake.

Favourite Items: Any type of fish and dairy products
Dislikes: Nothing

[edit] Murrey

Murrey is a poor local, he mainly sits looking at the sky. If you are not careful, he will pinch food from your freezer so watch out!

Favourite Items: Fodder
Dislikes: Unknown


[edit] Nami

Nami is one of the three available wives. It is hard to catch her since she is always on the move. She usually visits the hill where Romana's villa is, Cody's trailer, Gustafa's tent, the Blue Bar, and the area behind the Inner Inn. She will return to her room (at the Inn) late at night. That is the best time to catch her. She is the hardest to woo out of the three bachelorettes.

Favourite Items: Fossils (Human statue and skull fossil), home-cooked meals (especially Curry and Yam Soup), Trick Blue flowers (Found only in Fall).
Dislikes: Pretty much everything else.

[edit] Nina

Nina lives happily with Galen, she wants to live in Forget-me-not valley for the rest of her life.

Favorite Items: Flowers, milk
Dislikes: Unknown

[edit] Patrick

He is the world’s second greatest pyrotechnician. You can tell the difference between him and his brother by looking at the patch on the back of his clothes.

Favourite Items: Flowers
Dislikes: Watermelons


[edit] Rock

Rock is the son of Tim and Ruby. He spends most of his time wondering the neighborhood.

Favorite Items: Mist Moon flowers, fodder, human-shaped artifacts, coins, Toy Flowers
Dislikes: Most other flowers

[edit] Romana

Romana is a pleasant old woman living in the manner up the hill. She spends most of her time either sitting down or listening to Lumina play the piano. So it is hard to give her a present since she wont take it doing either of those activities

Favourite Items: Milk, golden coins, flowers
Dislikes: Cheese and most fishes

[edit] Ruby

Ruby is the other co-owner of the Inner Inn. She is an excellent chef and mainly spends her time in the kitchen of the Inn, or in the Spring, or along the river.

Favourite items: Flowers, fish, home-cooked meals, the small watering can.
Dislikes: Your dog

[edit] Samantha

The wife of Grant and Mother of Kate. She likes to visit other townsfolk as much as possible.

Favourite items: Most flowers and milk
Dislikes: Nothing


[edit] Sebastian

He is the butler of Lumina and Romana. He spends all of his time inside the manner.

Favourite Items: Eggs, milk, cheese and butter
Dislikes: Nothing

[edit] Takakura

Your father’s old business partner, he will guide you through the game and will deliver your orders from the shipping bin.

Favourite items: Cooked dishes
Dislikes: Unknown

[edit] Tartan

A two headed plant that you receive in chapter two. He will combine two crops for you to make a different type of plant.

[edit] Tim

Tim is the co-owner of the Inn. Mainly seen around the Inn but sometimes goes into the pub and around that area.

Favourite items: Milk. Cheese and eggs
Dislikes: Curry


[edit] Van

He sells you objects and buys your items. He is a very good source of money, but will only appear on set dates.

Favorite Items:Eggs, anything from the ruins, curry
Dislikes: Butter

[edit] Vesta

Vesta works at a farm opposite yours. It is called “Vesta’s farm” She spends most of her time there working on her crops. She spends part of her day wondering around the village.

Favourite items: Flowers, curry, soup and milk
Dislikes: Nothing

[edit] Wally

Wally loves exercise, every day he will run early in the morning for a good while. He likes to monitor his stopwatch while working out in his gym

Favourite Items: Eggs, milk and cheese
Dislikes: Unknown

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