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[edit] Overview

In Sunshine Islands there are many familiar faces from Island of Happiness. Living on the various islands in the archipelago, some of them may need to be unlocked and others are there at the beginning. In fact, a few of them are candidates for marriage!

[edit] Playable Characters

[edit] Mark

Main Article: Mark - Sunshine Islands

Mark is the male protagonist. He is also a marriage candidate for Chelsea. A farmer, his reasons for coming to the islands are to pick up some new farming techniques and looking for a place to settle down.

[edit] Chelsea

Main Article: Chelsea - Sunshine Islands

Chelsea is the female protagonist. She is also a marriage candidate for Mark. A farmer just like you, she came to the islands so she could improve her farming skills.

[edit] Marriage Candidates

[edit] Bachelors

[edit] Vaughn

Main Article: Vaughn - Sunshine Islands

Vaughn is a traveling animal trader. He only comes to the islands Mondays and Tuesdays. Most of the time he is at Mirabelle's shop. He can be rude and anti-social, but as you befriend him he grows more friendly towards you.

[edit] Elliot

Main Article: Elliot - Sunshine Islands

Elliot is the grandson of Taro, eldest son of Felicia, and older brother of Natalie. He's a generally kind person, but he has some problems with his self esteem thanks to the constant teasing from his sister. He is in charge of shipping all the items you put in the shipping bin.

[edit] Denny

Main Article: Denny - Sunshine Islands

Denny's passion is fishing. Living in his hut by the seaside, he is a very skilled fisherman. Optimistic to a strange extent, he's very kind. He has a small, black bird named Popper that always sits on his shoulder.

[edit] Shea

Main Article: Shea - Sunshine Islands

The son of Wada, Shea lives in a small hut on Mushroom Islands. Shea's a wild man, and has a limited knowledge on the English language, which results in grammatically incorrect sentences. He's a hunter that wants to become strong so he can protect the people close to him from danger.

[edit] Pierre

Main Article: Pierre - Sunshine Islands

Pierre is a gourmet chef that wishes to try every food in the world. His cooking skills are astounding, and he enjoys doing anything related to food. Although he may look like a young boy, he is an adult. His personality matches his appearance: He's always cheery.

[edit] Will

Main Article: Will - Sunshine Islands

The sunshine islands exclusive bachelor, will is the nephew of Regis and cousin of Sabrina. Despite being related to them, he does not live in their mansion, and stays in his yacht by Sprout Island. He's generally polite towards everyone, but gives more attention to girls.

[edit] Bachelorettes

[edit] Natalie

Main Article: Natalie - Sunshine Islands

The granddaughter of Taro, youngest daughter of Felicia, and younger sister of Elliot, she comes off as bossy and somewhat snobbish. Although she is the younger sister, she loves tormenting Elliot.

[edit] Witch Princess

Main Article: Witch Princess - Sunshine Islands

The aunt of Witchkins and rival of the Harvest Goddess, the Witch Princess is, as the name states, a witch. This passionate spell-casting girl loves teddybears, yet hates her niece! Witchkins hates her back equally.

[edit] Lanna

Main Article: Lanna - Sunshine Islands

A one hit wonder pop star, Lanna loves fishing. She even has a collection of fishing poles in her house! Apparently her first song was immensely popular, but her other songs weren't, and she gradually lost her fame. She's now taking a break on the islands.

[edit] Sabrina

Main Article: Sabrina - Sunshine Islands

The daughter of Regis and cousin of Will, Sabrina is very shy and quiet. She is very wealthy, and loves reading. There's a large library of books in her house.

[edit] Alisa

Main Article: Alisa - Sunshine Islands

Devout follower of the Harvest Goddess, Alisa is a nun that came to the islands with Nathan to start a church. She finds everything she sees nice, and is very kind towards others.

[edit] Lily

Main Article: Lily - Sunshine Islands

The Sunshine Islands exclusive bachelorette, Lily is an exotic treasure hunter. She often uses long, descriptive words where shorter words would make more sense. She came to the islands to look for more treasures.

[edit] Julia

Main Article: Julia - Sunshine Islands

Julia is the daughter of Mirabelle. She helps her mother take care of her animal shop. Naturally, she loves animals, but detests fish. She loves cooked dishes, but can be a disaster in the kitchen. She's generally a nice, friendly person, but sometimes it seems like she prefers animals to humans.

[edit] Villagers

[edit] Taro

Main Article: Taro - Sunshine Islands

The grandfather of Elliot and Natalie, and the father of Felicia, Taro is an elderly man that helps you start your farm. He loves things like crops, as they remind him of his days as a young farmer. He humorously gives you the weather forecast for each day.

[edit] Felicia

Main Article: Felicia - Sunshine Islands

Daughter of Taro and Mother of Elliot and Natalie, Felicia likes moving at her own pace and is generally mild-mannered. She's also an expert at house work, and is good friends witch Mirabelle.

[edit] Chen

Main Article: Chen - Sunshine Islands

Father of Charlie, Chen is comes from a family of merchants. He's been many places and has seen lots of products. He has a shop on the island.

[edit] Charlie

Main Article: Charlie - Sunshine Islands

Charlie is the son of Chen. His goal is to become a better merchant than his father. He is best friends with Eliza, and is often seen playing with her. He can create accessories and attach wonderfuls to your tools for you.

[edit] Mirabelle

Main Article: Mirabelle - Sunshine Islands

Mother of Julia, Mirabelle has her own animal shop on the island. She's good friends with Felicia, and can sometimes be seen conversing with her. As a single mother, she's been through many tough times, but that only made her kinder and stronger.

[edit] Gannon

Main Article: Gannon - Sunshine Islands

Gannon is the father of Eliza and the carpenter that built most of the houses on the islands. He has his own carpentry shop on the island. He's incredibly strong, and can build anything you ask him to in one day... with a price, of course!

[edit] Eliza

Main Article: Eliza - Sunshine Islands

Eliza is the daughter of Gannon. She looks nothing like her father, and says that sometimes she can't believe she's related to him! Her best friend is Charlie. She's cute, but she tends to brag about it, and is somewhat self conceited.

[edit] Nathan

Main Article: Nathan - Sunshine Islands

Nathan is the priest that follows the Harvest Goddess. He has a church on the Mystic Islands that he runs with Alisa. He became a follower of the Harvest Goddess after she healed him from a seemingly incurable illness.

[edit] Wada

Main Article: Wada - Sunshine Islands

Wada is Shea's father that adopted him when he was very young. Like Shea, he has little to no knowledge of the English language. His tribe is supposedly protecting something.

[edit] Harvest Goddess

Main Article: Harvest Goddess - Sunshine Islands

The Goddess that looks over the islands. She stays in her pond on Mystic Islands, but she appears when you present an offering to her by throwing a gift into the pond. She's bitter rivals with the Witch Princess, and the two of them fight a lot.

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