Cecilia's Quests (RF2)


[edit] First Generation Quests

[edit] First Quest

Cecilia wants you to get a Ruby from Trieste Forest - Aegis Falls... without killing any monsters. After you get a Ruby without killing any monsters, give it to her. She admires how you didn't harm any monsters, but this confuses you. She says you are like an Earthmate- A person that tames the land and its monsters. You don't really know that much about this stuff, but she says you're very talented. Your reward is a Pet Glove, and important item that you can use to tame monsters. It's an amazing tool, but she says it could be hard taming a monster while it's attacking you! She tells you to get a barn built, first, so the monsters have a place to stay. As a heard start, she gives you 100 pieces of wood. When talking to Byron, you now have the option to get a barn built.

[edit] Second Quest

Cecilia needs Indigo Grass for a dish Herman requested. She doesn't have enough time to find it herself. She advises you to find one from Blessia Island - Centre. When you bring one to her, she'll reward you with 200G, and a Brush! She wants you to use the brush to raise your friendship with your animals.

[edit] Third Quest

Cecilia wants you to spend the night at her house- double entendre much? This makes you nervous, but she meant for you to stay as a guest in the inn. Egan's inn hasn't had many visitors, so Cecilia is advertising. Talk to Egan to stay at the Inn.
Note: Once you talk to Egan, you sleep at the inn, and the day ends! It's best to talk to him after you've done all your work, before the Inn closes.
[1] You ask Egan the price for a room. It's 100G. Egan's surprised that you'd stay there, since you have your own house. You explain Cecilia's request, and the two of you talk about how she's been taking care of the inn. The next morning, you'll wake up at 6:00 AM. Egan, Jake, and Cecilia will be in their rooms. Once you leave, the inn will be locked. After it opens again, speak to Cecilia to complete the quest.

[edit] Fourth Quest

Cecilia wants you to meet her at Alvarna - Falling Star Path at 9:00 PM tonight. At 9:00 PM, meet Cecilia there. Alicia predicted that they would be able to see a shooting star tonight. You can only see shooting stars at the Shooting Star Festival, so it's a pretty rare event. Cecilia mentions that she's "always wanted to see a shooting star with you", but you don't catch that. A shooting star soon flies through the sky. Alicia's prediction was right! She thanks you, and heads home.

[edit] References

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