Caves (RF2)

[edit] Caves

Caves, also known as dungeons, are filled with monsters. There are plots of land that can be tilled and planted on, depending on what season the cave is. Some areas are blocked by gates or altars. In the First Generation, there is no way to get past these. However, in the Second Generation, you can get past these, and gain access to the other parts of the caves! Since your a small child, you can just slip through the gates. Altars can be removed by giving them the item they request, correctly answering the questions they ask, or fulfilling the task they wish for you to do.

[edit] Seasonal Caves

  • Trieste Forest
Main article: Trieste Forest (RF2)

The season in this dungeon is spring. It's the first dungeon you go to. You can obtain Apples here. Aquamarines, Emeralds, and Earth Crystals can be mined here.

  • Blessia Island
Main article: Blessia Island (RF2)

You can plant summer crops here. The second dungeon you go to. Where Oranges are found. Amethysts, Rubies and Fire Crystals can be mined here.

  • Messhina Valley
Main article: Messhina Valley (RF2)

The fall dungeon. The third dungeon; you can get Grapes here. Wind crystals can be mined here.

  • Padova Mountains
Main article: Padova Mountains (RF2)

The winter dungeon. You will be able to sow the winter crops here. The last of the seasonal dungeons. Sapphires, Diamonds, and Water Crystals can be mined in this dungeon. In the second Generation you can even mine Platinum.

[edit] Palermo Shrine

Main article: Palermo Shrine (RF2)

The dungeon under your barn. You can only access this barn in your second generation, when you ask Mayor Byron to build the 28th floor of your barn. Fiersome is here

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