Caves (RF)


[edit] Cave


A: Carmite Cave
B: Toros Cave
C: Clemens Cave
D: Mountain Gigant
E: Misty Bloom
F: Kasimir Ruins
G: Danann Cave
H: Greed Cave

[edit] Carmite Cave

Requirement: Till 100 squares of your farm
Season: Spring
Machines: 13
Boss: Greater Demon
Carmite is the first cave you'll come across. It is located just east of Mist's house. The cave is pretty straight forward and there's some small ponds and streams in each of the 5 areas leading up to the floor where the end boss is located.

[edit] Toros Cave

Requirement: Till 50 squares in Carmite
Season: Fall
Machines: 17
Boss: Chimera
The second cave is just west of your farm. The cave is ice-based, including the end boss. There is a hidden generator from Area 4, which you can access by breaking the ore rocks to find the passage. You have to destroy all of the creatures on the first floor before the door in Area 9 unlocks.

[edit] Clemens Cave

Requirement: Rescue Cecilia
Season: Summer
Machines: 13
Boss: Rafflesia
The 3rd cave is a fiery place, but the path to the boss room is pretty straight forward. There will be some gates that lock behind you when you enter Area 5 and Area 9, but destroying the monster generator in the area will unlock the doors. There is only 1 place to draw water from in the entire cave (Area 4) so if you're planting Summer crops make sure to fill up your watering can before venturing in. Don't forget that you can extinguish the flames with your watering can!

[edit] Mountain Gigant

Requirement: Till 100 squares in Clemens
Season: Summer
Machines: 16
Boss: Grimoa
This outdoor area is full of wavy paths and areas of fire you'll have to use your watering can on. There are a lot of monster generators, so don't forget the ones to the west of the entrance.

[edit] Misty Bloom

Requirement: Till 100 squares in Mt.Gigant
Season: Winter
Machines: 10
Boss: Siren
Misty Bloom is only accessible during the Winter season. The rest of the year a moat will surround the cave entrance. There are a lot of different fish species you can catch in the cave waters, including the Lover Snapper you'll need if you plan on marrying Mei.

[edit] Kasimir Ruins

Requirement: Till 100 squares in Misty Bloom
Season: Spring
Machines: 12
Boss: Golum
In order for the doors of Kasimir to open you must plant several Spring crops by its locked doors. Radishes and Moondrop flowers are some of the fastest to mature. Before you reach the final boss Golum in the last area, you will fight a mini Golumn in area 4.

[edit] Danann Cave

Requirement: Defeat the Kasimir Golum
Season: Fall
Machines: 12
Boss: Battle Tank
Danann is a pretty simple cave. But, like Kasimir there is a locked door that prevents you from entering the second half of the cave, and can be unlocked by planting Fall crops. Plant the crops in the northern part of Area Five, which is past the wall of fire. There is one more locked gate in the second half of the cave but the key can be found in Area Two.

[edit] Greed Cave

Requirement: Defeat the Danann Battle Tank
Season: Summer
Machines: 8
Boss: Grimoire
Greed is the final cave in the game. It is small, but not exactly that easy. Its many staircases make it easy to lose your sense of direction, so be careful. When you finally reach the end, there you challenge the Sechs Empire Ultimate Weapon. Good luck.

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