In Rune Factory Frontier, Candy is eligible bachelorette Cinnamon's little sister. Both Candy and Cinnamon will appear in the village of Trampoli when you speak to their grandfather, Kanno, and have him mention there names. They cook and clean for their grandfather, Kanno.

Candy is gifted - she can speak to the gods and work miracles. She does this by the use of runeys. Near the start of the game after meeting Candy, when you speak to her, she will eventually give you the Harvester. Once you have the Harvester, you can use it to gather runies. When you've gathered enough of a certain color of runies, you can bring them to Candy, make a request, and Candy will sing to the gods and make your request come true.

Requests include, but are not limited to, making it rain for a week, making it sunny for a week, making more wood appear on your field, making more bamboo shoots appear on your field, making it easier to befriend your monsters, making it easier to fish, and making more grasses appear on the field. If you have 10 of one certain kind of runey, you can use them to create a Rune Wonder, which can be used for various different tasks including opening locked passageways.

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