Cammy's Quests (RF2)

[edit] First Generation Quests

[edit] First Quest

Cammy thinks you're a cool guy, but you could use some training. She's developed a "Super Kyle Training Plan", filled with things that will turn you into "Super Kyle"! First, you'll be improving your arm strength will Shadow Boxing. She'll say different kinds of punches, and you have to repeat them in the order she says. The punches in question go as follows:

  • Right hook! Right hook! Left jab! Left jab!
  • Right hook! Right hook! Right hook! Left jab!
  • Left jab. Left jab! Right hook! Right hook!
  • Left jab. Right jab! Left jab! Left jab!

You'll be presented with a number of options after she calls out the punches. Choose the ones specified above, and she'll reward you with Toyherb Seeds.

Four more quests are available for first generation, ending with the quest titled: “Super Training Plan: Graduation!”

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