Buildings (AnWL)

Here is a list of the buildings on your Farm. Most buildings have a lot of equipment, so there are descriptions included.


[edit] Barn, Pasture, and Everything in It

Your barn can hold up to eight animals and 999 pieces of fodder. It is the big red building connected to the Tool Shed. The only types of animals it can hold are sheep, cows, a horse, and a goat. All of the animals will have one fodder bucket besides cows. They have two. You should keep the fodder baskets full so you animals stay well fed. The button on the inside brings animals into the barn and the button on the outside brings them into the pasture. If you pay 2500g then there will be a pond in your pasture. The only thing different about the pasture in this game is that you have to fertilize the pasture. It costs 40g for a bag of Fertilizer, and it only lasts for one square of the pasture. After you purchase the milking room it will be in the pasture. When you push a cow in there that is ready to be milked, the machine will milk it for you.

A screenshot of the area where chickens and ducks stay.

[edit] Chicken Coop

The chicken coop is fairly simple. It can hold up to eight chickens and ducks. In the middle is where you put chicken feed and to the top left is where you put fertilized eggs.

The food storage building can be used for four things. 1.The big doors in the back can store items like food. 2.The right most chest can be used to sell plants. 3.The middle chest can sell eggs and milk. 4.You can buy items from the right chest. Items you can buy~
Chickens 900g
Sheep 1500g Hoe 800g
Light Hoe 1000g
Sickle 600g
Light Sickle 750g
Wool Shears 400g
Clippers 1300g
Animal Medicine 200g
Good Fodder 200g
Chicken Feed 150g
Food Processing Room 30,000g
Milking Room 60,000g
Pond 2,000g
Seed Maker 6,000g
Chicken Fence 10,000g
Very Fertile Field 20,000g
This building will connect to the Food Processing Room once built. The Food Processing Room will have two machines. One will turn milk into butter and the one that looks like cheese will turn milk into cheese.

[edit] Tool Shed

There are two main parts of the tool shed. The first part is on the left. It olds every tool you will ever get during the game. Two of the tools, the fishing pole and brush, must be bought from Van. There are some strange tools that you can get by befriending people, and the rest you can buy in the Food Storage room. The second part is on the right. It will be where you pick up your medicine, chicken feed, blue feather, records, ect. and where you can store various items. If you buy the Seed Maker, then it will appear in the bottom right. If you put a harvested crop into it, you will get two seeds. Then plant the seeds and repeat.

A screenshot of the inside of your house.

[edit] Your House

Your house will grow with you in this game. You will start out with a few items. If you click on the table next to your bed you have a few options: Save: Save your game. Sleep: Sleep in the game. Mirror: See how you are feeling. If you are feeling fine you will usually say something random. Assets: You can check your relationship with your animals, your stats, how much money you are making, your family relationship, what items you have gotten, and your mini-game stats. Next to that is a TV with a few channels: Horoscope: Check your horoscope for the day. Weather: Check the forecast for your area. Farming: Get farm tips. Random: Usually a fake shopping channel or soap opera. Then there is your kitchen. You will eventually get a real kitchen, but until then, this is all you have. Use it to cook, and eventually you will have more options than soups and salads. On the left side of the room there is a record player to change the music on your farm. It the bottom right corner there is a book shelf. This is used to get information and help on the game and to change configuration. Going up on this wall, you can check the calendar for the date and to see if any events are going on. The last object in this room is the dresser where you can change your outfits. Eventually you are able to get a kitchen, your son’s room, and a master bedroom.

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